What’s life with no Entertainment?

We all are trapped in a rat race. All are doing hard labour to get success, money and fame. Amidst all this, we forget to relax a bit. We have moved into depression. We have become less social in real life. We have become so competitive that we have given up on Entertainment. Entertainment is that element of our life that we should have at appropriate intervals to live our lives better and make every good memory.

Why is Entertainment essential? 

If a person does work all day long without even taking rest, life becomes monotonous and boring. Eventually, it may happen, all the spice of life gets evaporated, and he or she is just stuck in the wheels of duties and obligations and a tight routine. A person needs to pause, and relax for a while, enjoy the movements.

He needs to achieve the purpose for which he is working day and night, for which he is earning. That is for happiness and relaxation. And Entertainment gives one happiness and relaxation. But sometimes, men are so much into work, so muck depressed and entangled in his hectic schedule, he forgets to live his life. He becomes a puppet who just survives.

Moreover, the Entertainment at appropriate intervals invigorates one with the energy to do more work. It helps people to enjoy every moment and make more and more memories. Suppose one does not resort to Entertainment after tiring one’s body and soul, after being stretched in his busy schedules.

In that case, he will eventually start to isolate himself from others, become less confident and less social. Also, this may lead to much psychological illness, including anxiety, depression and tension. In extreme cases, people also become sadists and anti-socials. So, all human beings must get entertained in life to live peacefully with others.

Modes of Entertainment 

There is no specific mode of Entertainment for one and all. It varies, and there are several modes of getting Oneself entertained. It may be possible that one who is getting entertained by music may not extract the same amount of Entertainment out of the books. Hence, Entertainment modes are different for different people, and it depends much on their likes or tastes. Following are a few Entertainment modes people adopt to take a break from their hectic schedules of everyday tasks. However, the list is not exhaustive.

  1. Music:

    Music is the language of the soul. Playing music is a very common form of Entertainment; people resort to, almost every time. Be it, while you are travelling back your home, cooking your favourite dish, or cleaning the house, we often play music in the background and do our works. We hum the tunes as we do our work. This relaxes our mind. It bears less pressure of work on us. In this way, we enjoy our work. Our efficiency also increases, and the pace of doing work is enhanced. Many people like many types of music. It may be soft, rock, pop, romantic, instrumental, retro, rustic etc. The music has a great effect on our mood. It makes the surrounding peaceful. We move on to a different but beautiful zone as we hear the music. Even the children, while crying, if they hear music, they stop crying, get settled and vibe to its tunes. So, music is one of the most peaceful ways to entertain Oneself.

  2. Dance:

    Some people dance to entertain Oneself. A person dances when heir she is overwhelmingly happy and satisfied. This expression of the body and soul makes the entire atmosphere very much positive and radiates energy. To dance, one need not be a professional or an expert. One van just moves one’s hands and legs and dance his heart out with all enthusiasm he or she carries. This might tire your body, but it will soothe your heart and soul. Thus, people dance at parties, functions, marriages etc.

  3. Movies:

    Many people plan for watching movies together to entertain themselves. They watch their favourite movies and TV shows again and again to relax their mind. The genres of movies may differ from one person to another on the basis of one’s individual tastes or preferences. One may like romantic movies, while another may like a horror show. One may like a thriller movie while another may like comedy movies. So, movies have been entertaining us for really long.

  4. Picnics:

    People plan for picnics and outings along with their families and friends to entertain themselves. They explore new places, have fun with everyone while travelling. They cook and eat things together and make new memories. Schools, colleges and offices also organise picnics every year to light on the Entertainment. Children are very much fond of the picnic. Picnics are generally organised in vacations, bonfires are made, music is played, and people dance. They take out all their bore and exhaustion in such playful picnics.

  5. Reading:

    Well, this is a mode of Entertainment for most the introverts. People love reading books by many authors. Many also love to collect books and make their library. Reading a book not only gives us knowledge, but they make us travel to various places in our land of imagination, even when physically, we are unable to. Reading also improves our vocabulary and concentration power. Reading is a heartwarming experience for all.


So, with all these modes of Entertainment, we need to pick up ourselves and indulge in our mind’s relaxation and happiness. An important thing to be noted is that one should not get swayed away by the Entertainment and balance one’s life.


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