Shameless season 12: everything you need to know

Shameless, a Showtime series, that has ruled over the internet for more than a decade. With 11 seasons the show has become the longest drama in the original scripted series category for Showtime.

The makers have announced that they have concluded the show in season 11. But viewers are still waiting for season 12 as the ending of the show was not appealing to them.

So, will there be shameless season 12? There will be any spin-off series viewers can expect? If you are someone who is thinking the same, this blog is for you.

But, Before discussing everything about season 12, first, let’s have an overview of the storyline of the show.

Shameless: An Overview

The story revolves around Frank Gallagher who is a proud single father of six smart, Intelligent, independent kids whose lives have been made harder because of their alcoholic father.

Against all odds, The kids have found ways to grow up with the help of the eldest daughter, Fiona.

The story depicts poverty, survival, family bonds, addiction, and many other social issues in a very unique and entertaining way.

Now, that you have an overview of the show let’s jump into all the information that we have about season 12.

Will there be any Shameless Season 12?

When Shameless Season 11 premiered, it was announced as the last season. The official description of the show was “It’s the last call and the Gallaghers are going out with the biggest bang ever. Changes are coming that will force each of them to either step up or hit the road, but they know one thing for certain – Gallaghers may grow up, but they’ll never grow apart.”

But fans were not happy with the ending of the show. Viewers have complained that the only character that has fully developed is Frank. What about the other characters!?

Shameless season 11 ending

The last episode of season 11 did not provide a definitive conclusion of the fates of the show’s main characters, except Frank, who died in the hospital due to COVID-19 and alcoholic dementia.

One possible interpretation of the ending may be the makers wanted to leave the character’s future open to interpretation and allow fans to imagine what might happen next.

So, there are some chances that they can further release Shameless season 12, but for now, there’s no official announcement for that.

Instead of this, as we know Showtime launched a series named “Shameless Hall of Shame”. Let’s dive into what that series has for the viewers.

Shameless Hall of Shame

 With season 11, Showtime has launched a show named Shameless Hall of Shame. It was a six-episode limited series. The show is a retrospective look at the events in the previous seasons along with new and original shameless scenes. According to the makers, it was the best way to end the series.

Shameless spin-offs and movies

Since there is no news of the release date of season 12, The chances of spin-offs and movies became very high. Also, The show is a huge success with a lot of potential characters that can have a spin-off.

However, the show creator, wells, said in an interview that he does not really believe in the concept of spin-offs or continuing shows as there is something magical about the first time.

He further said that he is proud of what they’ve done with the Shameless.

For fans, this statement can be disappointing but hopes are still there. All we can do is wait for Wells to change his mind.


In conclusion, Shameless Season 12 is highly anticipated by fans. While we can’t say for sure what the twelfth season will bring, the Gallaghers can give us one last ride.

Also, there are some possibilities that Showtime can launch a spin-off series or movie for their fans and viewers that may answer all the questions viewers have.


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