Gaming: A panacea or a predicament?


Before the mobiles, laptops, video games were in vogue, people used to play conventional outdoor games and indoor games to entertain themselves. But with the internet connection being rampant, people are more or less involved in mobile or video games. Starting from adults to children of tender ages are now playing games on computer and mobiles. They have become really advanced and intelligent enough to play such games and win new levels. However, it is pertinent to note that the online Gaming has both advantages and disadvantages for the people who are playing it.

Pros of indulging in Gaming 

There are some pros to Gaming. Following are a few of such pros:

  1. There occurs advancement of mind skills One

    of the important benefits of video games and mobile games is that mental skills are developed by playing these regularly. They learn new techniques and make new strategies to win the game. So, the skills required to think increases their IQ power and improves their decision-making capacities. It is important to note that, as the person who is playing online or video games passes a level and enters a new level, the new level gets harder and difficult. But, by using his intelligence, he passes every level of the game. In this way, his thinking capacity increases.

  2. The concentrating skills are developed

    When a person sits to play video games or online games, he sits at a place for a very long period which may sometimes extend to an hour or more. It requires a great skill of concentration and determination to remain at one particular place and focus on the game. Thus, the mind is channelized in am efficient way to win the game. In this way, concentration skills are developed.

  3. The motor skills are advanced –

    The online games or video games we play are mostly indoor games. It requires proper functioning of the hands, or to be precise, the wrist part, in an appropriate direction by the brain. So, the brain analyses the problem of risk in the games and directs the hands to perform. This is called motor skill. Online gaming or video games enhance such skills.

  4. One can make friends –

    Nowadays, many gaming applications provide a platform for people to join anonymous people to play certain games. In this way, the strangers play the games together and eventually turn out to be friends. So, if a person is an introvert, they can make friends on these platforms and happily play the games.

  5. Requires very little investment

    As already mentioned, video games or online Gaming are indoor games. They do not require big playgrounds, jerseys, playing equipment etc. You, Judy, need to have a cell phone, laptop, video game and, sometimes, a good connection to the Internet, and you are good to go.

  6. A source of income

    In the current scenario, many gaming Applications provide attractive money prizes at passing certain levels. One may link the bank account to suck gaming application and then draw the money out of the account. However, one should be very cautious and careful while doing this and be aware of the fraud.

Cons of indulging in Gaming 

Just like a coin has two sides. Similarly, the Gaming, along with the pros mentioned above, have some cons as well. Following are the cons of Gaming:

  1. People get addicted to Gaming –

    Online Gaming or video games take hours together. The person sits for long times to reach new milestones, clear new levels. In this way, he or she becomes addicted to it. And as we all know that too much of anything is good for nothing. Excess is bad. So, one must stay within one’s limits. So, this is a big drawback of online games.

  2. People become argumentative in relationships

    People, while playing these mobile or video games, get involved so much in the Gaming that they do not give heed to anything happening in their surroundings. It is disheartening to mention that they no more value relationships and emotions. Children do not listen to their parents. Partners do not give time to each other. This leads to arguments and a lot of mental stress.

  3. People develop many diseases –

    When one sits for hours together to play games, he does no physical works. He is she becomes very sluggish. This laziness invites many diseases to the human body. Men and women become obese and suffer from many diseases. Also, exposure to the screen to the eyes for a long time affects a person’s vision.

  4. People face sleep problems –

    According to various researches, people who are over-indulged in Gaming cannot sleep peacefully at night. We know that sleep is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. The entire routine of a person is affected due to sleep disturbance.

  5. People start procrastinating –

    When people get over-involved in Gaming, they start to procrastinate things. They keep on extending deadlines, make excuses in case of default. In this way, their life is adversely affected. Children miss their important lessons, and adults also get delineated from their career goals. They sacrifice their permanent peace for temporary strokes of happiness.


After having a clear vision of the pros and cons of online gaming or video games, we conclude that online Gaming has the maximum number of cons compared to its pros. It is good for kicking off boredom, but they are doing us many latent losses. Thus, children should be guided by the parents not to over-indulge in Online Gaming. There should be a balance in every way.


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