Invest your time and effort to earn online

Money is essential for living. However, for a few people, who are unaware of the unlimited income sources, it doesn’t seem easy to make money. But it is easy for the people who are well versed in technology to make money online. However, one should be very careful before investing time, effort and money in a platform. One should properly check on the genuineness of the job before jumping into one.


How to Make money online? 

Here are a few suggestions of platform and types of work one may do to make money online. However, the list is not exhaustive.

  1. Freelancing 

Freelancing, in the current scenario, has gained a lot of attention. The best part is, one can opt for the services at one’s convenience. One can tailor the amount of work according to one’s needs as well as skills.,,, and are some of the websites offering interested people some Freelancing jobs. One is required to create an account, make an impressive description, and apply for the jobs. However, only after the employer is satisfied with the work then only one shall be paid. With a little bit of experience and practice, it becomes easier to earn a good amount of money. It is not only a part-time job but can also be a full-time job.

  1. Content Writing

If you are good at penning down the things or have awesome and impressive writing skills, content writing is the perfect job. You may start the content writing on online platforms. Once you gain adequate experience, it is time to try it on a better and bigger platform. You have to submit them before the deadlines, as you have been assigned.

  1. YouTube

YouTube is in vogue for the last half of the decade. Many people can earn a lot of money by uploading interesting videos. So, if you want to make a YouTube video, then choose appropriate contents that fascinate people. You can try to make recipes, vlogs, stitching tutorials, makeup tutorials, painting tutorials, or any other review sessions. Monetise your videos, and in this way, you can make money online. Gradually the channel will get popular, gain more reach, and it will have a greater number of subscribers as well.

  1. Website

You can launch your very own website with any content that pleases you. Just do thorough research about the requirements before starting it and then launch it. You can incorporate AdSense, which, when visited by your visitors, will fetch you many. Initially, it will be hard, but gradually the traffic to your website would rise.

  1. Surveys, searches and reviews

One needs to be very careful while doing this job because the companies may ask you to disclose the bank details to get the payment. All you must do surveys, conduct online research and reviews on things, topics, or products as they might ask for.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

One can permit the companies to attach web links to one’s website. The visitors, while visiting your site, may opt to buy their products. If they buy, by clicking on your link, you will get paid for it. This is called affiliate marketing. There are enough chances to make money in this manner.

  1. Blogging

Many have an interest in writing blogs on websites. Tumbler and WordPress provide a very convenient platform to upload one’s blog. Additionally, one had an option to start one’s blog, but it may require money investment. If you are doing blogging, you won’t get the money instantly. You have to develop your content, match the visitors’ needs, and attract more numbers of visitors to get it. So, it requires a great amount of patience and perseverance. Also, it is a continuous process. So, you have to keep updating people in shorter spans. You can find guest blogging websites from google, but I can help you to ease your work as I am here with a guest blogging site list. You can reach them using the email address given on the list.

  1. Data Entry

The job of data entry requires no special skills except for typing speed and focusing on details. One needs to have a laptop or cellphone, and one is good to go. Many students these days are involved in this job and are making a few money out of it. You can get paid by the number of hours you invest. This job is a preliminary and first preference job, in case you are searching for part-time jobs.

  1. Online Tuitions

This job is quite efficient and fulfilling for students. Now because, of coronavirus, many are not able to afford physical tuition classes. So, it is a golden opportunity to start with the online tuition classes. It may be recorded online classes or live online classes at your convenience. However, it is required to have a strong Internet connection. And one had to be an expert in teaching concepts. In this way, more students and parents will be attracted to you, and you can make money.,,, provide a platform for online tutor where you are supposed to make a profile, give your details and the subjects you want to teach.

  1. Reselling things

One can create one’s website to sell the things or opt to use Amazon and Flipkart platforms to sell their products. This can be further substantiated by affiliate marketing. This will improve the reach of visitors and will increase the number of buyers.


One important thing to be kept in mind is, one cannot make money overnight. Thus, it is essential to have patience in the initial periods. It might so happen that, initially, one may not succeed or may not get an adequate amount of money out of it. However, with a little expertise and experience, one can excel in the field and get a good amount of money.


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