Role of Sports in our Life

Sports are the physical activities responsible for physical and mental fitness. People should engage themselves in sports to have a healthy lifestyle. Sports are crucial for they give us pleasure and positive vibes. Children are taught to play by parents and teachers at an early age.


Types of Sports 

There are two types of sports, namely “Indoor Sports” and “Outdoor sports“. Indoor sports are those which are played inside the house or in a room. For example, chess, ludo, carom, cards etc. They do not involve more physical effort, but they, to a great extent, contribute to the mental and psychological development. On the other hand, outdoor sports are played outside the house. This includes kho-kho, kabaddi, hockey, badminton, cricket, football, basketball, swimming etc. These games have significant advantages on the physical fitness of the people. These sports are mostly played in teams. 


Physical Benefits of engaging in Sports

Sports have a lot of benefits for our physical health. To be precise, the outdoor sports we play have a very advantageous effect on our body. Since outdoor sports involve our body parts’ movement, especially our hands and legs, the muscles and tissues are engaged in physical activities. It helps in maintaining them. The physical exercise we do while playing sports improves blood circulation better, hence helping the body function in a normal way.


Moreover, the running and walking did, amidst, does contribute significantly to the cardiovascular health of the body. The outdoor sports are played outside in open areas. This exposes the body to fresh and open air. In this way, we breathe more fresh air, which gives us more energy for our bodies. 


The outdoor sports

The outdoor sports we play are mostly rigorous, as a result of which we sweat a lot. Sweating is good for your health. In this way, all the waste materials of the body are drained out of the body. However, it is essential to take a shower after we play sports outside the house. This makes us feel fresh and clean. But an important thing to be remembered is, one should let the sweat dry completely before taking a bath.


Since there occur lots of physical exercises, the engagement in sports helps in digestion of the food. It makes our body more and more active and not passive. By regularly practising sports, the endurance of the individuals is also enhanced. One should engage in sports activities more often because this, in a way, adds to the immunity of the person. A person with high immunity power is comparatively less prone to any diseases. Moreover, the skin also tones to a great extent, and it glows because of better blood circulation. 

The regular engagement in sports keeps us fit and fine.

The regular engagement in sports keeps us fit and fine. It keeps our organs and muscles healthy. It keeps the body in proper shape and size. However, on the contrary, a person who does not indulge in sports and sits or sleeps the whole day gets all his fat deposited in the body. In this way, he accumulates weight and becomes obese. As a result, he becomes fat and ugly and gets affected by many kinds of diseases in the body. He may not be aware, but as he ages, he gets affected by many diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, heart problems and joint pains etc. 


By playing so many sports, one gets tired and gets to sleep as soon as they get to bed. However, in the case of people who are not engaged in sports, the scene is quite different. They do not get tired and wake up till night while they struggle to sleep. As we know, sound sleep is crucial for a healthy lifestyle and many diseases are also prevented by getting a good sleep at night. The people who are engaged in sports have a way better and healthy lifestyle as compared to others. 


Other Qualities developed being a sportsman. 

We think that people play different kinds of sports, just for the sake of fun and pleasure. No doubt, it is true. But, apart from the fun and pleasure, there are many latent benefits of engaging in Sports. By playing sports regularly, the shape and size of the body are perfect, as a result of which the person appears more confident of his physical fitness. But, a person who does not practice sports is less confident in a crowd because of his health.


Most of the outdoor games are played in teams. By playing in teams, the persons are taught the team spirit and qualities like the team- cooperation and team integrity. This helps when you do any tasks in the team in your future jobs. It also brushes the leadership qualities of the people who can voice their problems and others in the future. 

regularly engage in sports

According to various researches, it has been found that people who regularly engage in sports have more developed mental fitness and psychology. They can effectively face and tackle any problems in case they arise. They have a very positive mindset. They learn to be competitive and always give more efforts to polish their skills. But, they believe in healthy competition and fair play. 


By playing certain sports, like chess and carom, the mind also sharpens, and decision-making ability is enhanced. The concentrating ability is enhanced. He or she can effectively do his or her other routine works. 



Many parents do not encourage their children to play sports as they do not want them to make a career in it or think it will hamper their studies. They are wrong and should encourage them for both studies as well as sports. 


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