Walking Is Exercise Or Not

Whether to exercise or not, the famous Ford Owner Henry Ford once said in a funny voice. If you are healthy, you don’t need to exercise and if you are a female, do you want to exercise and get worse?

Exercise Or Not

New research is wasted. The research was recently conducted in California on joggers who go out for jogs wearing tracksuits early in the morning or later in the evening. From this, it is known how many such men there are. Whose tummy grows even after running in the morning-evening. 

Conclusion: If your destiny is to become thick in the middle, you will not be without bloating.

The average American is not six feet tall. The survey found that jogging or no jogging averaged as much as 3.5 pounds for an American man between the ages of 18 and 50. And a quarter of the weight is deposited around the waist.

After Age Limit Exercise Or Not

Scientists have clearly warned that the only way to control weight is to increase exercise as you get older. Now think about the implementation of this instruction! Look at the age of 30 you run an average of 10 miles a week. So at age 40, you have to run 25 miles a week. And 77 years old you have to run 66 miles a week!

The awesome thing is that even after running so much, there is no guarantee of staying slim and trim!

Also how much risk there is in exercising. If you exercise incorrectly, it is like falling from a bad effect on your health. Have you ever heard of a man dying of a torn stomach rather than watching TV all day long?

One thing is for sure, the health industry is getting out of our control today. The bottom line is that we may be exercising so much in the future. We don’t even have time to eat and drink and it will cause us to lose weight. It’s not like the problems will end then. It may happen that in the future we will be living only carrots and boiled potatoes duty. Earlier it was suggested to peel the carrots before eating them. 

No One is taking the Exercise

Some carrots contain 25 times more organophosphate pesticides than expected! Alas, living on only green vegetables and boiled potatoes is an example of a terrible disease, as such straightforward food alkaloids Solanine and Czech Nine are known to be present. Hence the health analysts and various health tools! Leave me alone, I eat it. I will eat as much as I have to eat and sleep as much as I have to eat. Whenever I want to exercise by mistake, I will remember the words of American educator Robert Harris.

Whenever I feel like exercising, I fall asleep for a long time and I stay asleep for a long time until the feeling disappears!



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