What types of Finishing of Apartments in New Buildings do Developers Offer?

When choosing an apartment in the new building, the buyer pays attention to the type of finishing offered by the developer. It can be rough, pre-finishing, and finishing. There are no official standards for each type, but they have long existed in the construction industry.

Rough finishing of apartments in new buildings

This is a concrete box and a minimum of work done, the so-called box apartment with communications. The following set of activities will be held:

  • alignment of walls and ceilings, floor screed (may not be);
  • installation of double-glazed windows, entrance doors,
  • glazing of balconies, and loggias;
  • the input of communications without further wiring.

In this case, it will not be possible to immediately enter and live, additional investments will be required for the arrangement. But it will cost less, you can plan the space, and choose the design and materials.

Pre-finishing or “white” (white box)

This is an intermediate state when more repair work has been completed. The buyer will have to make decorative trim and install plumbing. The walls are lined with putty except for bathrooms, loggias and balconies. The ceiling is plastered. The floor is covered with cement screed. The new buildings have electrical wiring, switches and sockets. The heating system is connected, and radiators are installed.

Fine finishing of new buildings

Apartments for rent in Murfreesboro are ready to live in them. This is a good option for those who need to start living in an apartment immediately after receiving the keys or move tenants into it for profit. Some call them turnkey apartments. The list of work carried out includes:

  • Wall decoration – wallpaper, painting, tiles, tiles, plaster, and more;
  • Ceiling – water dispersion paint, stretch ceilings;
  • Laying floor coverings – linoleum, laminate, tiles in the bathroom and toilet;
  • Installation of skirting boards, and door structures;
  • Installation of switches and sockets;
  • Connecting a gas stove or electric stove;
  • Implementation and connection of all communications;
  • Installation of plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen.

The main advantages of this option: no additional investment is needed, the repair will last 5-7 years, and you can immediately move in. Disadvantages: repairs can be, like those of neighbors, and disadvantages are difficult to notice. If you are interested in buying finished condos, then see a review of Canninghill Piers, meet with the developers, and finalize your deal.

Should I take a property with fine finishing from a developer?

New buildings can have different types of finishes, make repairs on their own or prefer by the developer – this is the choice of each buyer. If the type of wallpaper, interior doors, and other interior elements is not a matter of principle, then you can achieve very good savings by choosing repairs from a construction company.

The developer buys building materials in large quantities, and they cost him less. The volume of work performed is large, so the work of the craftsmen costs less. Some construction companies offer buyers several options for professionally developed design projects and services for their implementation. A home with a finished renovation will cost less in the long run than doing it yourself.

Before signing a contract for the purchase of an apartment in a new building, carefully see a review of Canninghill Piers. Pay attention to the list of works offered by the developer, it should be as complete as possible. During the reception of the apartment, it is necessary to fix all the shortcomings, otherwise, after the signing of the act, their elimination will fall on the shoulders of the buyer. This will insure you against the need to subsequently pay extra for “additional” work.



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