Beware politics in the office with warns others as well

Keep it safe from office politics.

It is a fate not to see politics in any office. If there are too many staff, only a few of them will come out.

Those who have a habit of moving ahead by doing politics rather than working, making their own line bigger by making the line of others smaller, showing themselves more stubborn than good employees by listening to the rights of senior officials.

The saying that crows are black everywhere fits here too. What should you do to avoid becoming a victim of office politics in such a situation? Experts who answer this say that.

Be clear in everything you say. Speak as little as possible. This does not mean that you should always keep a CV in your mouth. Answer when needed and answer accordingly. Apart from this, make friends with an employee who is not interested in office politics like you.

Avoid gossiping

Avoid gossiping. If something in the office is gossiping about someone, keep your ears open, but don’t listen to them. If someone comes to you and tries to gossip or do evil to another colleague, change the subject, or tell him politely and firmly that you have to complete the task at hand.

Set the focus and target of your work. Concentrate as well as the whole. In such a time you will not have time to get involved in office politics.

Ignore gossiping employees if they give you a compliment or just a senior worker or any other compliment. Or indirectly explain to them that we are here to work, not to play politics or gossip.

Also, keep an eye on what is going on in the office despite being overwhelmed at work. Keep eyes and ears open. Otherwise, those who play politics will make you their prey.

A boss compliment can hurt you a lot. In such a situation you need to clarify your side. If you feel that even your true words are not being heard, then just keep up the good work by following the boss is always right. Focus on the job in a way that pays you well.


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