Why you Should Learn Out of your Expertise Area?

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Today we can say that Learning plays a role in Honeydew in our life. Our great leader Gandhiji learned Charkha and used to make his own clothes. Today Spinning Charkha is a symbol of independence. Gandhiji used to teach this skill to women of rural areas so that they can independently work and live. 

Learning new or something which is outside of your interest or expertise is like being more independent and stands out of the competition. Great leaders and thinkers are called great because they have some extraordinary skills and learning. 

Why is learning important?

Upgrading your skills and learning makes you stand out from the competition. In this high-tech world, learning is becoming so easy. Today you can learn anything just by sitting at home and with some clicks. 

This pandemic teaches us that we can bake a cake at home and we can make restaurants like noodles, or make dalgona coffee. E-learning is making it easy for everyone to learn from home at their own comfort.

Following are some reasons for learning:

  1. Bringing opportunities:
    Learning something new every day creates more opportunities. Continuous learning makes us more independent. It opens more doors for us to reach success.
  2. Key to Move Forward:
    Learning is key to move forward. Learning new skills makes you join the race. It helps you to keep you up to date with the trend so that you won’t feel left out.
  3. Boost Profile:
    Upgrading in skills means boosting your job profile. You can’t just stick to only one job for your whole life. Learning different things helps you to find different opportunities and adaptability to fit in the environment.
  4. Stand out of competition:
    To participate in a healthy competition, you need to be updated to the latest versions of the skills. Today’s market wants every skill to perform well in the competition.
  5. Confidence:
    Learning makes you more confident.  Your capabilities to make decisions and being more confident about your skill will help you for better performance in your career.
  6. Ember of Ideas:
    Upgraded skills and confidence will lead you to a number of ideas. Innovative ideas and solving complicated problems will lead you to success. It unveils your inner potential.
  7. Ideology:
    Learning new things makes us understand different ideologies. As we know today to even put a political statement our ideologies should match the audience. It is essential to learn how to understand the different ideologies.
  8. Different Perspective:
    Today’s social platform is the best way to put our perspectives. But it is important for us to learn that different people have different perspectives. It is 6 for you but for someone, it is 9. Learning plays a vital role to understand the different perspectives.
  9. Lifelong earning:
    Continuous learning can be referred to as lifelong earning. Because learning can be passed on from generation to generation. Learning nourishes everyone whether it is mentally or monetarily.
  10. Unexpected Changes:
    This pandemic is the biggest and fresh example of unexpected changes. This pandemic taught us how to bake a cake at home, before that we only knew how to order it online or purchase from a bakery. Learning helps us to keep our faiths up during unexpected changes also.

Learn outside of your expertise:

Learn out of your expertise area means to broaden thinking and upgrading skills. It emphasizes the thinking process of an individual. It helps you to skillfully and passionately solve the problem. 

  • Focus:

Meditation is one of the great examples to help to focus our energy. Learning new ways to focus means having more focus on problems and bringing solutions according to that. 

  • New Eyes:

Learning different methodologies and ideologies gives you new eyes to see the world. As human beings, it is our role to understand and see the world beyond our thinking.

  • Power of opinions:

Having a different perspective means different thinking powers. The more we learn about others’ opinions, the more we get the idea to give power to our opinions.

  • Behavioral Change;

Accepting change is very difficult for us. But here we are talking about positive changes in behavior. Positive change in behavior means your mind is wide open to accept the new changes and learn from them.

  • Reframing Issues;

Reframing issues lead you to think about issues again. You will need to apply different knowledge or learning to solve those particular issues.  

  • Great Thinkers:

Learning will lead you to think differently. To become a great thinker you need to see the world as per everyone’s points of view and then put an effective one.

  • Think out of the box:

Every new skills and learning has its own criteria for learning. Learning out of your expertise will help you to leave that bubble and think out of that.

Learning should not be limited to a particular area. Self-learning is a broad area. Education gives you the capability of learning out of the box. Great leaders and thinkers are the ones who keep their doors open for new learning. 

One of the social experiments done by Paytm will give you why learning is important at every age. Social experiments were conducted on different age groups, where they have knowledge of finance and services. They asked some list questions which included all life skills and knowledge of finances. Where respondents simply move one step forward if they have knowledge about it or move one step backward if they don’t. 

As a result, it shows that Males have better knowledge of keeping and investing the finances. It shows that finance knowledge is inherited from males as per our ancestors. 

The campaign says that “Learning is for all.” There should not be any gender that will decide what kind of knowledge one should have. 

Learning at every stage is important. Learn out of your expertise will help you in your personal as well as professional life. Learning can be inherited from our future generations.

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