5 Point Guide to Buy a Yoga Mat

5-point guide to buy a yoga

Even though Yoga might be an ancient practice followed by a lot of yogis and temple priests, its world-known benefits make it one of the best work-out forms as well. While yoga was previously done on barefoot on a mountain, due to advancements and cleanliness people nowadays prefer to use a yoga mat rather than on an unclean ground. Even shockingly it was not a person from the country of origin of yoga who invented this yoga mat! It was one of the Westerners while practicing yoga who felt the need for a yoga mat. If you are new to buying a yoga mat then here is a 5-point guide to buy a yoga mat that will easily help you determine which yoga mat is the best for you!

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  1. Texture:

When it comes to buying yoga mats the texture is of great importance. For example, the sticky texture of the mat is helpful in keeping a hold of the yoga pose while a mat of lower stickiness will not give you much stability. To get the perfect grip while performing yoga it is essential to check what sort of texture works the best for you. If you are looking for a mat that will help you maintain the stability required and would like to avoid usage of PVC mats then one of the best options is to choose EVA yoga mats from one of the yoga mat manufacturers online in Delhi which is not only environment-friendly but will also provide a good stability

  1. Thickness:

The next factor that plays quite an important role in getting the perfect yoga mat is the thickness of the yoga mat. A very thin yoga mat might cause some severe damage to your knee caps. While if the yoga mat is too thick then you might not feel connected to the floor and might find it hard to get stable during a pose. There are yoga mats of various thicknesses such as the 4 mm yoga mat which is the thinnest one while the thick ones are about 6 mm thick. You can now find the perfect printed yoga mat through one of the printed yoga mat suppliers in Delhi.

  1. Extra bucks for greater quality:

It is always said the higher the amount you pay, the better the product you get. When buying yoga mats, it can be quite hard to find the best ones until you spend some extra bucks. But worry not as MatsHut has got you covered with some of the best yoga mats online in Delhi where you can find your customized yoga mats easily and without spending much money. This means both saving of money and getting the best one is definitely possible!

  1. Padding of the yoga mat:

When you start out as a beginner it is hard to say which one is a good yoga mat. You must also keep a check on your knee joints and other muscle strength in order to stay fit. This is not possible without a good yoga mat and hence looking out for one that will keep your knee and muscles safe is important. A well-padded yoga mat is the one you need to look for. But this does not mean that you go for a highly foamy textured yoga mat. As this will not let you give that stable pose while doing a yoga pose. Try and find a yoga mat that will give you an adequate cushion effect rather than a very cushiony yoga mat.

  1. Eco-friendly yoga mats is one of the best choices:

There is no denying that saving the earth is also a part of a yogi’s job and as yoga practitioners, we must make sure we do not do any such thing that will harm the environment in any way! This also includes staying away from any rubber of PVC-made yoga mats. Does that leave you with lesser options? Well, definitely not! You do get a variety of options via MatsHut where you can even get yoga mats printed through a printed yoga mats manufacturer in Delhi. With a variety of options and plenty of affordable solutions, you will not run out of yoga mats to choose from! One of the main reasons why you need to opt for eco-friendly mats is that not only are they sticky and provide good stability but they are also made from jute which is a natural product and will do not harm the environment.

Now that you have got this 5-point guide to buy a yoga mat, you can stay assured to get the best quality yoga mats through MatsHut!


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