Top Amazing Bed Designs for Kids Bedroom in 2021

The child’s body is very susceptible to the quality of sleep because the baby’s musculoskeletal system is actively growing. That is why special requirements are imposed on furniture for a child. Every parent should know that children’s beds should be comfortable, attractive and safe also. In addition, the modification of the bed must be selected in accordance with the age of the child. There are multiple stores that offer a wide variety of bed designs and styles. For example, buying Beds from an NZ furniture store makes the choice easy and convenient as they have multiple options. 

In the following guide, we represent some amazing bed designs that improve your child’s sleep.

Let’s have a look at those!

Top Amazing Bed Designs for Kids Bedroom

Today in the furniture departments you can see a rich assortment of products for children. Manufacturers produce a wide variety of modifications, including custom-made designer beds. The latter will cost significantly more than readymade models. 

  • Traditional Single 

Such furniture is an ordinary bed, available in two versions with and without drawers. Niches for linen don’t affect comfort and safety. This model is the best option for small rooms that require rational use of space. The varied design of the furniture allows you to organically fit it into any stylistic solution of the room. This model has no drawbacks, judging by the reviews of numerous users, only the build quality and material cause complaints, which is the responsibility of the manufacturer.

  • Couch

Outwardly, it resembles a sofa, it’s recommended for children of middle and senior school age. Often the back and sides are missing in the design. The furniture doesn’t take up much space and has an affordable cost. There is a classic model that doesn’t transform. There is also a sliding one, which is more convenient to use. It means you don’t need to unfold it for a small child, there will be enough space for rest. This product is a compact growth bed. It includes various advantages such as space optimization, low cost, and multifunctionality.

  • Roll-out 

This model is often preferred by families with 2-3 children. This is a modern alternative to the bunk beds that were popular in the past. In the furniture departments, several modifications of such products are presented including separate tiers, bonded tiers, storage niches for bedding, Low tier, Three-tiered models, and many others. When folded, the product is a curbstone that looks like a chest of drawers. When purchasing, it should be borne in mind that adolescents are comfortable sleeping next to them. If the lower tier is too close to the floor, the child may feel uncomfortable. 

  • Attic 

Such a sleeping place is also called a loft bed. This is an ideal solution for a small nursery. There are such products in several modifications – 

  • Furniture With a Work Area: There is a convenient storage system, and the lower tier is reserved for a place for writing. A bed with a table is a good choice for elementary school children.
  • For Children of Different Age: There is a small sofa under the hinged bed, which will serve as an additional sleeping place for the second child.
  • Options With a Play Area: On the lower level, boxes with toys are placed or space for creativity.
  • Beds with Wardrobe: All things will be placed in one place thanks to the optimal storage system.

The advantages of such models are the original design, the presence of an autonomous bed and the ability to organize additional space for games and sports.

  • Bunk 

In this case, there are also several options – the classic model with two berths, bed and table or sports area, a sofa for daytime relaxation on the lower tier, and a bed on the upper tier. The advantages of bunk bed designs are they provide a well-organized space for active play and study. For a student, such furniture is considered the most optimal for saving space. It’s advisable to purchase such models for kids from 5 years old. The upper tiers can accommodate teenagers weighing up to 50 kg. The maximum load on the lower berth is not limited.

  • Transformer

When the usual furniture models are still large for the baby, and the cradle is already small, it’s time to purchase a transformer. The model combines many functions so that the baby feels comfortable. The length of the product can be increased as the child grows up. The result is a children’s combined bed that can be used for many years. It has the ability to adapt to the growth of the child. The presence of sides allows you not to fall out in the middle of the night. Built-in lockers provide an opportunity to conveniently distribute children’s things.

  • Suspended

This is an original version of the bed, which guarantees a comfortable and complete rest. Suspended children’s beds differ in the types of attachments like to the ceiling, to the wall, or combined. Such models are often used by adults and are suitable for children from 10 years old. When installing, you can independently choose the height from the floor, but 30 cm is considered optimal.  It’s important to correctly calculate the load on the ceiling. 


The above-mentioned bed designs will help in choosing the appropriate one. However, while purchasing one, don’t forget to consider the child’s age, reviews of other customers about products, dimensions and material of the product. All these aspects will help in making the right selection regarding bed designs. But, give preference to reputable stores like the beds’ stores in Queenstown. You won’t need to compromise in quality.


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