Series & Movies You Can Watch As A Lover Of Pride & Prejudice

Fan of Jane Austen’s finest work, Pride & Prejudice?

Why wouldn’t you?

I mean, who can portray classic enemies to lovers with a subtle sexual tension oozing out of every argument like fire. There is something fascinating about seeing two people who absolutely dislike each other fall madly in love.


It was just the Regency Era when Jane Austin was able to portray it in her book perfectly. Since the commencement of motion pictures, this book has been adapted several times and even performed in theaters.

So, if you are passionate about this, you can rejoice with the thought that there are movies and series which will give you the same feeling as Elizabeth and Darcy gave.

So, hold your breath as we enlist some of the best movies and series which you can watch if you want to break from watching Pride & Prejudice on repeat.

Here is your list!

Where to Watch!

These movies and series are from all time periods and productions. Thus, you might not be able to get all of them on Netflix, and there is no point in paying half of your salary subscribing to OTT platforms.

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Now that we have got that out of the way, here is your ultimate list. Get some earl gray brewing, and get some mince pies and croissants to enjoy an afternoon filled with the Pride & Prejudice feel.

Your List!

Without any further adieu, let’s just get on the list!

1. Bridgeton

There are a few reasons why Bridgeton will be your next best pick after Pride and Prejudice.

First, you will be indulging in the delights of the Regency Era. The London ton, the Debutante Ball, and everything that the period holds.

Second, the second season plays with one of the classic tropes known to the Jane Austen era. In the ‘Enemies To Lovers’, see the modern take on the Regency era’s famous trope and see two enemies fall madly in love.

Bonus! Bridgeton is created in the 21st century, so you might be up to some of the most scandalous sex in full Regency style.

2. Becoming Jane

Everyone who has ever watched Pride and Prejudice is bound to fall in love with the handsome and mysterious Mr. Darcy. Don’t you want to know the real-life man who actually inspired the character of Darcy? For that, you have to watch this beautiful biographical movie of Jane Austen herself.

This movie shows Austen’s passion for writing and the challenges she had to face in that era for dreaming. Plus, her incomplete love story with Tom Lefroy. Someone she despised at first only to fall for in the end.

Tom was the one who gave rise to the character Darcy.

3. Death Comes To Pemberley

This might not be a love story, but it is more of a fanfiction of pride and Prejudice were written by PD James. The story follows the events after six years of the end of the novel, and you will find a thrilling twist to the story because this is a Regency crime.

The story follows a murder involving Lydia Bennet & Mr. Wickam (uhh! I know!). Now, you have to see the movie to know the rest.

4. Pride & Prejudice

No, there has been no repetition. But did you know that Pride & Prejudice was also made into a six-part series? Yes, the movie is a cinematic masterpiece, but if you wish to enjoy the divine storyline and every nook and cranny of the plot, then you have to watch the series.

This is probably the most contextually accurate adaptation of the novel.

Perfect Afternoon Pick!

If you are bored out of your wit’s end on a Sunday afternoon, and you have nothing better to watch other than a rerun of the movie.

Then, we would suggest you pick one of these and enjoy some Regency delights.


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