2020 real world stagnated virtual world accelerated.

The year 2020 is bidding farewell. Then the same thing must be playing in the minds of most of our people. It would have been better if this year had not come. Mankind has been truly unique this year. The whole world has picked up speed over the last few years. Seeing that, no one could have imagined that the whole world could be like this.

The movement of people was obstructed. But life did not stop. The same is true of the whole world. Even though we are old at home, life has not stopped. In the beginning, if you are tired of being at home, you can enjoy video group calling with friends and relatives. Smartphone connectivity turned us into a business opportunity going forward. Even the year 2020 could not stop our pace. Technology has made our daily lives a little easier. Who were already at the forefront in the use of business technology. He survived the ordeal and continued to do so.

This year has been so tough, maybe that’s why we have been able to make a lot of progress in terms of technology. Take a look at the past year.

Facebook will shorten the text

People find it difficult to read long texts on the internet. Then a new feature is coming from Facebook for this type of text and those who are interested in it. One term known on the Internet for this type of text is “TLDR” which means “To Read Longer”. Facebook will now prepare a summary of such long text with the help of artificial intelligence. Which will allow people to understand the summary without reading the entire text. However, it is not surprising that this feature causes friction between companies publishing content on the Internet and Facebook.

Expanded work-form-ever culture in addition to tech companies.

The concept of a curved-form home is now likely to become a permanent option in many types of jobs in many companies.

The buzzword of the year 2020 was work-from-home, which has now turned into a work-from-now concept. This trend was already in the tech company, but now many other companies besides it. For some types of people this option has been adopted on a permanent basis.

Of course, not all types of work are possible from home. This option is never available in areas like medical or manufacturing. Besides, work-from-home is not easy for everyone.

However, the concept of team communication, collaborative working, anywhere access and connectivity is not going to work for anyone without understanding it.  Read More

Voice-video calling also in WhatsApp web.

WhatsApp can also be used on desktops for a long time. But this feature was limited enough to text chatting and document sharing. We couldn’t make voice and video calls from desktop, now maybe soon we will be able to make voice and video calls from desktop and web version in WhatsApp too. Now some users have started getting this feature. Of course for this too the WhatsApp app in our smartphone needs to be connected to the desktop or web version.

Another piece of news related to WhatsApp – soon we will be able to buy health insurance and micropension products from WhatsApp too. For this, WhatsApp is partnering with an insurance provider.

Online shopping-payments have skyrocketed

The year 2020 was like a panoti for small artisans, laborers, shopkeepers etc. But for online sellers, this year has been like Diwali. Work-from-home has boosted sales of everything from table-chairs to laptops / desktops,

The trend of ordering groceries, vegetables and milk online has skyrocketed. It is estimated that online shopping will almost double in 2020 compared to 2015.

People who still buy from simple stores are turning to large-scale contactless payments. Payments from UPI also almost doubled compared to the previous year. In the time to come this situation is likely to persist.

Although about two billion people worldwide still do not have a bank account, online shopping-payment is a long way off!

In the wake of social distantness, vegetables and milk have also been ordered online, making digital payments more popular.

Updates will be available in Android for four years.

The big problem with Android smartphones compared to Apple’s iPhone is that the various mobile handset manufacturing companies can make their own changes to the operating system, so Android smartphones do not get the benefit of newer, updated versions of Android quickly. 

Google also knows this problem. And she has been struggling for a long time to find a solution. According to the latest news, Qualcomm, a company that makes processing chips for Google and smartphones, has now developed such a method. This will allow the smartphone maker to offer the latest version of Android in mobile without modifying the chip’s core software.

 This will reduce the cost of releasing a new version of the software and companies Will be able to update more quickly. It is likely that newer versions of Android and security patches will be easily available for four years in Android smartphones (including mid-budget) starting next year. Read More

The keyboard doesn’t believe you?

Sometimes it happens that you are trying to log in by opening a browser and entering your username-password in a webserver, you remember your password correctly, you are sure that you are typing the password correctly and yet the system keeps telling you That the password you provided is incorrect! There could be two or three reasons for this to happen.

First, you have accidentally locked the caps in the cow-bork. If the caps lock key on the left side of the keyboard is inadvertently pressed, then whatever we type is written in capital letters. Since the password is case sensitive, in our view the password is correct but since the letters are written in capital, the system considers it wrong.

Another reason may be that you use the numeric keys on the right to enter the numbers in the password, but if the ‘soft lock’ key is pressed on the keypad by mistake then the keypad of numbers is locked, as a result we press the statistics. Let’s do it but it won’t be typed! As his remedy The numbers keypad will be reactivated when the num lock key is pressed again. Read More

The easiest way to check for such errors is to open a blank notepad file and type in the password. All mistakes will be noticed soon!

Schools and colleges were closed but education was widespread

Online learning became extremely widespread during and after the lockdown. Schools in 121 countries of the world-

Phone-tablet or PC is now the only school or college for more than one and a half billion students than college closure have become. This was a brand new experience for both teachers and students. Teachers compared to students. This was a situation where more had to be learned.

This situation is not good in all respects. Online learning is very difficult for young children. For a very large section of society, it is also difficult to allocate smartphones for the education of children. The imbalance in income was already creating a huge gap in both education and exposure and now it will become deeper and wider. Of course, there are many opportunities to expand education informally, which is comforting. Read More

Children of small standards do not like online school. And it is difficult for many families to afford a phone.

An “OTT service”  

If you look at it like this, a service like WhatsApp is also an “OTT service”, but in India, “OTT” has only one meaning – movies and TV serials in mobile! (OTT means over the top (of existing internet)).

Movie theaters and live events came to a standstill due to Kovid, which was a boon for OTT platforms. India is currently the fastest growing OTT streaming market in the world.

With theaters closing, Bollywood films are inevitably released on OTT. This is more than us The story of Bollywood will change. Now even a boring movie is not going to last for three hours if the ticket- (off popcorn rupee is spent).

Now, from the first five to ten minutes, there will be only films that can grab and hold our attention. The big screen is fun, but the movie could be even more fun!

The entertainment industry is now turning to the OTT platform, now content will become more powerful instead of starpower.

Productivity apps began to connect with Ekmak.

Following the spread of Corona all of a sudden the whole world has to work from their homes and from there. When it comes to keeping in touch with offices and clients, gold, especially tech companies, has come to realize the productivity tools we’ve been using so far. There were so many things missing. 

That is why now Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, etc. have started integrating their various communication tools as much as possible. This means that if we are using the Gmail app, video calling can be done from it, files in the drive can be accessed, edited, shared … for that, there is no need to go to different lengths.

You are part of a small and big team, without getting hold of all these different tools, there is no release.

E-mail, video calling, file storage and sharing are all now integrated instead of separate. 

Video group calling is all over the world

Work-from-home followed another revolution around the world – the video group calling revolution. In the early days of the lockdown, the family video group Collingon is almost gone (the reasons were “obvious”! Video instead of meeting It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is also worth noting that many businesses have been hit differently if the closure of seminars has saved large businesses a lot of money.

Big advantage of video group calling. It so happened that many people got the opportunity to start different types of coaching online like music, recipe, yoga etc. In small groups, for a specific purpose. Video calling is very easy. And it made the world smaller! Read More

The novelty of video calling has faded, but it will be a permanent, inexpensive alternative to business meetings and seminars.


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