Beginner’s Guide to Getting the Right Dog Bed

Your dog is as much a member of your family as your siblings or children. It deserves comfort and a place that it can go to for rest and quality sleep. With your dog’s personality you can tell where it would like to sleep. Even if its choice is your bed or your sofa, chances are it resorts to these options because it doesn’t have a good dog bed. Now, you have probably done some research online and figured out that you need to measure your dog’s size and weight before getting it a bed. But wait, here are some more things you may not have considered but are crucial for any beginner.

Memory Foam versus Styrofoam Shreds

The cheapest filling for your dog bed is probably Styrofoam filling. They are easily available and you can add or reduce to calibrate the bed’s comfort. However, Styrofoam beds wear out quickly and this will mean it will become uncomfortable just as fast. Since the structure of the bed is basically a choice between carbon fiber and aluminum, your next choice is between Styrofoam and memory foam mattress. Whereas the memory foam is a bit pricier, it lasts way longer and offers the most comfort for your dog. Memory foam accentuates your dog’s shape and posture and if the foam is dense enough, it will handle as much weight as 50ks or above. Just make sure if the density is heavy, and then cover it with enough fabric to make the dog bed more comfortable. Top the memory foam off with a water proof cover that is also hypoallergenic to ensure your pet doest fall prey to breathing difficulties.

Check your Dog’s Sleeping Behavior

You have probably noticed your dog doesn’t like to move around much and will simply lie down and snuggle. This type of dog won’t require a lot of hustle since its bed should just be a nice, wide structured bed with a small cover. Make sure the mattress is well tucked in under a comfortable layer of fabric. If it gets too cold, then you might have to cover your dog with a blanket or more linen once it’s asleep.

The other type of dog is the burrower, which will flip all fabric and linen until it creates a cozy resting place for itself. It wouldn’t make sense tucking in the fabric since they will all simply be thrown around until the dog burrows to a comfortable spot. Make sure you loosely place the fabric and linens over the mattress, and allow the dog to burrow until the mattress. Make sure the mattress cover is difficult to remove and is waterproof and easily washable. Also ensure you wash all the fabric often to prevent buildup of dirt and pathogens. A good bed structure for this type of dog is a domed dog bed to offer it more protection and privacy.

Getting the right dog bed will require some more market research and therefore if you are ordering one online, make sure it meets all these criteria plus more. Otherwise if you are going to walk into a store, you can consider going with your pet to see what it prefers.


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