How to Retrieve Deleted Email From Exchange Server?

However, it is an efficient way to restore permanently deleted mailbox/emails in the MS Exchange EDB file. Retrieve deleted email from exchange server stores complete mailbox data including calendar, contacts, emails items. Therefore, it also stores any recently deleted emails for a period of up to 14 days. Which is known as the Retention period and can be changed by the system administrator. There are many users who accidentally delete email messages and need to recover deleted emails from the exchange server.

So, this blog will describe all the steps which are necessary to restore the accidentally deleted messages within the retention period. Here, you also get unique ways to extract emails directly from a user’s workstation. Let us know more about how to retrieve deleted emails from the exchange server step by step. But first, we go through the user query which is mentioned below:-

There are Some Users Queries

Query 1: “Hi, A few months ago, my Exchange 2013 Outlook email was almost over heaving with numerous emails. The situation was so severe that I could not navigate properly in my mailbox. So, that’s why I decided to delete some emails. During the deletion process, I accidentally deleted some of my important data. Now, I have noticed it, I do not know how to recover them. Someone guide a reliable solution to Retrieve Deleted Email From Exchange Server.”

Query 2: “Hello, I am Johnny, and one of my employees has deleted some emails from his exchange mailbox. The deletion was not intentional, we need to get hold of those emails on an urgent basis. So, kindly suggest to me any easy way to recover deleted email from Exchange Server 2010 Mailbox.”

What are the Reasons to Recover Deleted Emails From Exchange Server

As in the above section, we have mentioned that email deletion did both intentionally and accidentally. Now, intentional deletion may occur in two cases. In one case, emails are deleted by some hostile insider with the mean intent and this deletion usually happens in the case of important emails. For this reason, the requirement of recovering these emails is also higher than the other category.

In the second case, users delete emails without considering the future impotence of messages. When they find out the necessity of those deleted emails, they have to recover messages. Apart from this, accidental email deletion also happens in the case of important emails also that need retrieval.

How to Retrieve Deleted Email From Exchange Server? Step by Step

Now we are fully aware of the situation, let’s focus on the techniques of recovering deleted Exchange emails. There are two different methods to retrieve deleted items from an Exchange mailbox. One is by manual technique and another one is the Exchange Server EDB Recovery Tool which helps you to repair deleted emails from the Exchange server. By using an automated solution you permanently deleted data recovered using this software without any trouble.

Manual Approaches to Recover Deleted Emails From Exchange Server

Live Exchange Server: If your emails get deleted from the Live Exchange Server, users can check “Deleted Items Folder” and retrieve deleted emails from there. Therefore, if the items are not available there, it is possible that the emails have hard deleted.

In that case, Exchange admins can access the “Recover Items Folder” and restore permanently deleted emails to Exchange Mailbox. But, users must be careful about the retention policy. After this, the deleted emails are completely unrecoverable.


This blog is to inform the users about retrieving deleted emails from Exchange Server, this post provides information to remove permanently deleted Exchange mailbox emails. The manual method only recovers the deleted email when it is in the retention period. So, that’s why automated solutions prefer using the recognized application for the smooth and fast recovery of deleted emails from the Exchange Server.



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