How To Do A Mardi Gras Party: Tips & Ideas To Follow

One of the finest and wild raging parties that we can see in the world is Mardi Gras. Now, it originated from New Orleans but is celebrated in many parts of the world. You don’t necessarily have to be a part of New Orleans’ population to enjoy this colorful and thrilling party. There are several other carnivals that are celebrated to honor this celebration. There is a long history behind the celebration of this carnival. The carnival is celebrated with the name of Fat Tuesday and it happens to take place right before Ash Wednesday. On this day, people wear several different attire to commemorate a huge celebration. You can also design your own clothes for the day. 

The outfits worn by people remain funky and flashy, people also decorate their houses and carnivals are carried throughout the region. People eat delicious and different delicacies, drink, dance, and enjoy their entire day with friends, family, and even strangers. People also distribute sweets before embarking on the Lenten Season. Now, this was all about Mardi Gras, how it started, when it happens and what people usually do to celebrate it. But not, we have tips and ideas that can be used and if followed can be very helpful in preparing for the party better. So, read and try to integrate the ideas in your next Mardi Gras celebration.

1. Set the tempo of the party

Mardi Gras is a theme party and to crack it, you will have to set up the tempo around your venue. If you are hosting the party, become a good host. And for that, you need to start with decorating the place in the best way possible. Mostly the party is colorful but it will totally depend on you as to how you will want to celebrate it. Make a theme, shop for that, and create an ambiance of the party at the venue. When you create the tempo with the ambiance, things will start to fall in place automatically. But if you want to do it the traditional way then use purple, yellow, and green color for all the decorations. 

Once you do all this, it will feel like a New Orleans house decorated for Fat Tuesday. Keeping these colors in mind, you can pick up several decorative lights, balloons, beads, tablecloths, and other important things. Another very important thing that you cannot forget during the decoration part is the lily flower which is known as Fleur de Lis. 

2. Cooking or ordering the right food

A celebration’s integral part is food, right? So is the case with even Mardi Gras. There are not many changes that people have brought to the food menu of this celebration. It is one of the events where the menu has been majorly stagnant and the same as that during the starting. The dishes that are prepared in Mardi Gras are rich and traditional and are a part of fatty food items. So, when we say that the menu of this festival remains the same, then be it the best restaurant or cooked at your home, the recipe and food items are usually the same. Unless someone tries to put some differentiator in taste or elements. 

More or less, when you visit a place where there are people enjoying and celebrating this festival you will have food items like Ray Beans and rice, King Cake, Hot muffuletta, Beignets, Oyster po’boys, Gumbo or Jambalaya, and a few other master recipes. 

3. Preparing the mask for the event

Although it is not necessary for the hosts to make masks for the other participants or visitors. But it is considered as one token of appreciation and respect when it is done. As we already know that masks and costumes are two integral and very important aspects of the celebration, people suit themselves up with flashy colored clothes and attire made of sparkling fabric. Many wear masks and elaborate headpieces. This elaboration can be done using feathers.

While you organize this party, ensure that the people visiting have a mask of their own or not. If you are preparing the masks for everyone, let them know about the proceedings. You can buy some beads, sheets, elastics, and other things that can help in creating a mask that matches your costume. 

4. Music

Talking about a carnival without live music or stereo music is all plain and dust. How will you enjoy the event when there is no fun with music? If this is your first time, the official music of Mardi Gras is none other than jazz. You can simply create a playlist with songs having jazz and funk mixed songs. To make it so much simpler and better, there are multiple helpers where you can find “Mardi Gras” songs. The playlists would be pre-designed. All you need to do is simply plug it with your system and play. 

With a beer in one hand and a snack in the other, groove on the party music of Mardi Gras. Owing to the pandemic, or long distance if you are unable to meet up with friends and family and wish to celebrate the event virtually, all you can do is share the playlist with your virtual guests. 

5. Drinks are also mandatory

Mardi Gras is all about food, attire, and drinks. You don’t trust us? Ask a friend from New Orleans. There is no party without booze and Mardi Gras is one of the most revered parties where people enjoy cocktails, beers, and spirits. In fact, there are a few NOLA drinks that are also traditional drinks. If not much, try the hurricane. It is probably one of the most preferred and sold drinks at this event. 

6. Host some games

Now, when you are the party host, the entire thing can be controlled by you. And if that’s the case, make sure that you have some games to enjoy. True that food, drinks, songs, and dance are going to be the major pickings of the day but do you seriously believe that a party without games will be a hit? You will surely feel incomplete and that’s because of the games. If you include games, kids would also feel at home at these places. They would too enjoy their time here and the event too. So while you are the host, why not try something that not everyone has done.  


Nothing can beat the rhythm and ambiance of a party place, right? And sometimes we feel celebrating even someplace away from where it is celebrated can be a wrong choice. There are a lot of reasons to support this. Some people back off just because the culture of locals is simply different, whereas others do not wish to take up all the hard work. Whatever be the reason, you will not have to stay away from Mardi Gras at least. These points listed above are going to help you a lot in celebrating and conducting a successful event whatsoever. 

If you are facing a common problem like many others of not being able to arrange the needful clothes, then custom long sleeve shirts can also do the trick or even a custom shirt won’t be a bad choice at all. Just make sure that it should be flashy or sparkling fabric.


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