How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Condo in Singapore?

Everyone wants a prestigious life, that too in a well-developed city. Where he can be assured of safety for himself and his family. If you’ve been considering purchasing a condo in Singapore, you may have been perplexed and overwhelmed by the fees and charges. Property prices can vary greatly depending on factors such as location, amenities (such as an MRT station), and the age or condition of the apartment. There will always be a neighborhood or unit where the price is significantly higher or lower than the average.

Earning is a non-stop process of life. But we earn to buy something, be it a house, vehicles happiness or various commodities. But the most-awaited and important thing is to build our own house. It’s not only a mental wish but an emotional one as people invest their lifetime income to buy a single home.

They buy it according to their budget and needs. Some people do not need more than 2 bedrooms and a balcony, on the contrary, some need 5 bedrooms plus out areas. So, the cost depends on the need and size of the family.

Nowadays, numerous builders offer a flexible and easy installment system for buyers to own a home. So that, you can give your payments in parts and that never hinder your budget so strongly.

If you are thinking to buy a house in Singapore, the cost of a house will vary depending on various factors.

Costs Factors:

  • Proximity to amenities
  • Maturity of the estate
  • Condition of the unit
  • Type and age of the property

Well, it doesn’t mean that there will be a tough time for you to find a perfect house for you in Singapore. If conditions of units and proximities are taken into account, then what could be better than a newly developed residential unit?

Amber Sea condominium is located in District 15, along 30 Amber Gardens. The condition of this condo is fresh and clean. If it comes to amenities, then is again surrounded by many of them. Official project details can be viewed on “

On average, the price of a property in Singapore was S$1,183,025, in 2018. In addition to the real rate of your property, it is important to know that, it will incur extra expenses too. They include stamp duties, legal fees, home insurance, maintenance fees, stamp duties, and more.

Before purchasing it’s common to become overwhelmed and confused about the cost and fees involved.

Cost of private condominium vs executive condominium

If you are buying a single room private condo, it will cost you around $600,000 to $7,00,000. Whereas for an executive condo, it will cost you around $420,000 to $ 560,000.

These prices are stated in general. They may differ from place to place. For instance, district 9 is considered one of the most luxurious places, hence the cost of condos would be of course a bit higher. The initial cost of your private condo would be around $226,500 (added CPF fund). If you are choosing an installment option then it may cost you $3,245 for 25 years.

Do, how can you get to know your favorite condo’s price? Once you get yourself registered in the organization, you always get a price list and brochure with all pictures of the condo. Just fill-up the form and get the whole copy of your Amber Sea price list.

Treat a home as if it were a marriage. If you want to travel or establish a business, you should get it out of your system first. Also, don’t rush into a marriage (with a house or a spouse) simply because you can.

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