10 Desserts That You can’t Help but Drool Over

What are desserts? In the simplest sense, desserts are sweet, usually served at the end of a meal or in between courses (instead of cheese). They’re the culmination of your meal. And they’re delicious! Desserts are indulgent and decadent treats that are perfect for enjoying any time of the year. Whether it’s your favourite chocolate cake, rich chocolate cheesecake, or vanilla ice cream, desserts provide a sweet treat you won’t want to miss. Holidays, parties or special occasions call for something special: An elegant dessert is the perfect finishing touch for any meal. Everyone loves desserts! So, here are 10 Desserts that you can’t help but drool over:

Cheesecake: – A cheesecake is a baked dessert consisting of a layer of sponge and cheese and cream, topped by another layer of sponge and more cream, among other possible ingredients. A cheesecake is a dessert consisting of a usually baked filling, usually creamy and made of cheese. Some cheesecakes are also made with other add-ins, including fruits, chocolate pieces, nuts, sugar/syrup, etc.

Mille-Feuille: – Mille-Feuilles are pastries made by layering puff pastry, a dough of very thin layers of butter and flour that puffs when baked, with custard or cream filling. The Mille-Feuille is often decorated with powdered sugar, chocolate, or fruit. Soft light, delicate layers of puff pastry, crisp and crunchy base that mates richly with your favourite filling. Mille-feuille is a piece of art for the taste buds. So simple but too irresistible to stop at one bite.

Sachertorte: – Sachertorte, or Sachertorte: the taste of Vienna, is the name of a chocolate cake that traces its origins to the Imperial Hotel in Vienna, Austria, and within this line of confectioners fashions, it is the palindrome with which their name was written by Franz Sacher in 1832. A Sachertorte is a chocolate cake that is layered and covered in a thick apricot glaze.

Brownie: – Brownie is the lovable, irresistible companion that travels with you. Brownie is a delicious treat with peanuts in a rich chocolatey covering. A Chocolate Brownie is a delicious dessert with a soft brownie bottom and a crunchy chocolate and walnut topping. You can indulge in this delightful treat.

Dragon Beard Candy: – Dragon Beard Candy is a candy made from sugar glue, Chinese sweet wormwood, and red beans wrapped in edible rice paper. Dragon Beard Candy was invented over 1000 years ago during the Song Dynasty. It also helped the Chinese Emperor contact his people since it was light to carry and easy to send out as a gift.

Mooncakes: – Mooncakes are a favourite Chinese food treat traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Made with lotus paste, duck eggs, yolks, dried fruit and various nuts, they’re packed with flavour and quite addictive. Mooncakes are traditional Chinese rice cakes that have a rich history and today are still popular as annual treats given to family, friends and colleagues during the “Mooncake Festival”, which is celebrated throughout China in September.

Gelato: – A Gelato is an Italian ice cream that is less creamy than American vanilla or butter pecan but still has the creamy texture that makes it so delicious. It’s usually made with fresh milk and less fat than American ice cream. So make room in your freezer for this new, delightful treat! Gelato is usually served in a cup or dish instead of normal waffle cones.  Gelato is generally lower in fat and contains less air than regular ice cream. Gelato often has more flavour intensity and smaller diameter ice crystals than either American or French-style ice creams.

Austrian Apple Strudel: – Austrian Apple Strudel is just one of the most popular desserts all over Europe. This recipe is very simple and easy to make; folks can try it at home with only a few common ingredients. Austrian Apple Strudel is a timeless pastry where the tangy apples are wrapped in flaky, golden pastry. It is the perfect treat to enjoy with coffee or tea and can be enjoyed any time of the year.  It originated in 18th century Vienna. Perfect for any dinner table or buffet dish.

German Black Forest Cake: – A German Black Forest cake is a chocolate torte with layers of chocolate and kirsch-soaked cherries covered in whipped cream and chocolate. It was created in the mid-19th century during the German states when rulers of several small German duchies competed to serve wealthy tourists visiting the region. German Black Forest cake is a delicious chocolate dessert cake. The distinct flavour of the luxurious chocolate is accentuated with cherry liqueur and black cherry bits. The dark and moist layers are covered with cream frosting and decorated with hand-whipped heavy cream. 

Pandan Cakes: – Pandan cake is a uniquely Malaysian recipe that has been handed down through generations. The cakes are made by steaming the cakes on miniature bamboo trays and flavoured with Pandan leaves. Each layer of the cakes consists of a fluffy pandan paste that merges with the Chinese red bean and coconut filling to create a wonderful aroma and unforgettable taste. It uses different fillings ranging from sesame, chocolate, peanut, durian, red bean, mango, pineapple and many more depending on the region and personal taste. They have a spongy texture that makes them easy to eat while offering a delicious and sweet flavour.

Desserts are simply desserts. The only thing you need to know about a dessert is that it should be sweet. To make deliciously sweet desserts, you need three things, secrets, but the ingredients are simple- A smile, a hug, and a sprinkle of magic. So, these were 10 Desserts that you can’t help but drool over. You can also opt for FlowerAura’s cake delivery in Mumbai when you want to surprise your loved ones.



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