What does a cloud PBX, exactly?

Cloud Bop (Cloud-based Private Branches Exchange) is an internet-based virtual PBX system that takes all calls and routes them to the appropriate department or user extension. PBX systems have always been housed on-premises. Because these machines are so large, they require their own storage space. They also necessitate a large upfront financial commitment, keeping products out of reach to small firms.

All of that changed when the cloud appeared. cloud pbx is offered via the internet and is stored in secure, faraway data centers. It has all of the call routing and their uses of an on-premises PBX, but without the high cost of hardware. Through an internet connection, a cloud PBX or virtual PBX delivers a secure and reliable workplace phone system. It gives organizations the flexibility and scalability they need while keeping prices down.

A private branch exchange (PBX) system is a phone system that is utilized within a corporation or organization. IP (internet protocol) PBX solutions that run over an internet connection have replaced legacy systems in modern commercial phone systems. They make the connection between IP phones and a PBX server. This choice typically provides more advanced phone functions while also saving money.

A cloud PBX works similarly to an on-premise PBX, however, it is hosted on a remote server rather than on-premise. This might be a self-hosted service or one provided by the PBX provider. Because the majority of small businesses have stable network connections, this is an appealing choice. The cloud is also becoming the ideal choice for many hotel PBX systems, which would benefit from not constantly worrying about space, cooling, security, or phone system upkeep.

A cloud PBX, like IP phone systems, has the benefit of being able to use an internet connection. Here are a few advantages of a cloud service over a regular PBX.

  • Remote work phone calls – In addition to VoIP typical office, users can utilize a web phone or a mobile app to connect to business phone numbers from multiple locations. Outgoing and receiving calls, voicemail, call transfers, and other features can all be accessed remotely, allowing for greater flexibility and, in many cases, better customer service.
  • No server upkeep — On-premise servers can be challenging to manage, especially for small enterprises. A cloud Phone solution allows for faster server maintenance via web interfaces, but a phone system housed by the provider does not.
  • Lower prices – In addition to maintenance savings, hosting providers frequently only charge based on consumption.
  • Easier installation — Because most cloud phone services use installation wizards, they require less server-side technical knowledge.

Why should you use 3CX as your online PBX?

In addition to all of the advantages of a managed PBX system, 3CX provides a slew of extra functions.

  • One-year free hosting  3CX offers one-year free hosting.
  • Cost-effective pricing 3CX charges a fixed annual subscription based on simultaneous active calls, which can save enterprises up to 80%.
  • SIP trunking and IP phone choices  3CX works with a wide range of hardware and providers. This means less time spent setting up and more money saved.
  • Complete company communications system  3CX integrates video calls, live chat, Facebook, and instant messaging, as well as CRM integration.
  • Sophisticated features – Call routing, auto operator, call recording and call flow management are examples of advanced cloud contact center services.



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