Use Video Marketing to Improve Your Search Presence

Are you eager to boost your search presence through video marketing? There is no denying that strengthening online presence has become a top priority for businesses nowadays. With video on the verge of making 82% of total internet traffic, you cannot afford to miss out on video marketing’s immense potential. The best part is that video can popularize your brand among the masses a lot faster than traditional marketing channels.

What distinguishes video from other forms of content is its widespread appeal and power to engage viewers. When coupled with a solid SEO strategy, video marketing is sure to take your brand to new heights. Improving search engine rankings is pretty easy, provided that you know how to tap into the potential of video marketing. The online presence resulting from the video can give you a clear edge over some of the biggest competitors in your industry.

Here are 5 proven video marketing techniques, that, when properly implemented, are sure to enhance your online search presence.

  1. Plan your keywords around the search intent of your target audience

When it comes to marketing videos, you must focus on creating content that caters to the needs of your target audience. Regardless of how useful your content is, it will not get noticed until you enrich it with the right mix of low-competition keywords. Now, before you conduct keyword research, you must determine the search intent of your audience. 

Also called query intent, search intent is the reason behind using a particular search term on a search engine. A simple Google search will tell you all about what your audience is interested in. You can harness the insights to pick relevant keywords to make your marketing videos rank well on search engines.

What’s great here is that you will find many free keyword research tools online that will help you amp up your marketing endeavors.

  1. Write an engaging video title and meta description

Your choice of video title can go a long way in determining the long-term success of your video. This is why you must set aside time from your schedule for writing a title that is bound to drive millions of views. Likewise, you must put in efforts to craft an engaging meta description as well. The description should effectively summarize the various key points in your videos. 

Keep in mind that all search engines use your meta descriptions to understand the context of your video content. This implies that an SEO-optimized meta description can improve your search presence in an instant. So, see to it that you use a bunch of semantic keywords in both the description and title of your video to ensure the best results.

  1. Create killer thumbnails for your videos

Your video’s thumbnail is the determining factor for people to decide whether they want to watch your video or not. A single glimpse of your thumbnail should convey to the viewer why your video is worth watching. So, watch some of your competitors’ videos to get inspiration for creating compelling thumbnails that will kindle interest in potential viewers. 

  1. Shorten your marketing videos

Marketers around the globe concur that video marketing yields the best results when you produce short and crisp content. Although long-form videos help you deliver loads of information, they can bring down engagement levels to a great extent. This is because people are engrossed in their fast-paced lives and flooded with an endless variety of content, giving them precious little time to watch lengthy videos.

Videos that are engaging and answer queries within the first few seconds tend to garner positive responses from audiences. Ideally, the length of marketing videos should be no longer than 3 minutes. Short videos are in high demand because they are proven to grab viewers’ attention. In case you have already created a long video for your marketing campaign, there is no need to be concerned. You can rely on a free-to-use online video trimmer to cut out monotonous parts from your clips.

  1. Break up your videos into chapters

There are many video-sharing platforms online that allow marketers to add timestamps to their video content. YouTube is one such platform where you can add chapters to videos. With the inclusion of chapters, you can divide your marketing videos into multiple sections. Breaking your videos down into chapters is a surefire way to facilitate easy comprehension of your content.

The best thing about video chapters is that they can give your viewers a quick overview of what your content is all about. Besides enhancing user experience, chapters can better prepare your content for search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google and Bing display key moments for video results, hence allowing users to jump straight to the point where their query is discussed.

In conclusion

When it comes to growing a brand amidst fierce competition, having a strong online presence becomes extremely important. This is where a smart video marketing plan can work like a charm for bolstering your brand presence on the internet. Besides improving search ranking, video marketing can increase sales to a great extent. On the other hand, a lack of proper implementation of video marketing can cause your ROI to suffer.

We live in a time where the internet is saturated with high-quality videos. To get noticed, you must optimize your videos the same way as written content. Also, it is vital that you use the best tech stack to execute your video marketing campaign in the best way possible.

So, follow all the techniques outlined above to translate your marketing efforts into an improved search presence. Don’t rest once your videos start generating organic traffic and leads. Keep an eye on the latest video marketing insights so that you can put them to good use in the future.


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