What is SEO and How Does SEO Work?

This question is often asked by people who have their blog or website or are going to start it, or you like based on you must have heard about what is SEO and how to learn SEO Course.

Whatever the reason, however. Do you want to get information about SEO and want to know how to increase blog/website traffic by doing SEO? Because its main purpose is here.

So today we will share with you detailed information on the topic of SEO. By which the questions related to SEO will be answered. If you miss something, you can ask by commenting.

For your convenience, we have divided this article into the following parts. You will reach any topic you want to read first by tapping on it.

What is SEO?


SEO is the collective effort made to get maximum branding results along with the quantity and quality of organic traffic of your website/blog. The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is an important part of digital business.

  • To put it more simply, “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving search engine result rankings.”
  • SEO is done by a blogger or webmaster to get organic traffic to a blog or website.
  • Whenever you type your query on Google, you get to see the Top 10 Links in the results.
  • But most of the people click on the top 3 results only because most of the users get the answer to their question in the above three results only. 

Understand in this way, SEO is the process of creating such a website. In which Internet users can get useful, accurate, and quick answers to their questions.

Now the thing to understand here is that out of thousands of websites, these sites that appear in the top 3 are better SEO optimized. That’s why their ranking is at the top.

That’s why in the present time companies hire SEO Experts to promote their products and services. So that they can show their products and services at the top of the search engine results. And more and more people can know about their products and services and take advantage of their service.

Now before we go into detail on the topic of doing SEO, first let us know that what is the need to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the website?


What is the Importance of SEO for a Blog/Website?

Suppose you started a blog of your own to teach people something about computers. You have written and published many great posts on computer-related topics. After a few days, you see that no one has even read these posts of yours.

How can this be possible?

This is what happens. When we submit a blog post on a topic without keeping SEO in mind. Without SEO you will not be able to get traffic from search engines.

This one thing happened.

But on the other hand, if you have done SEO in blog posts. So it is possible that if not today, then after a few days, after 1 month, or after 1 year, your post on that topic can be seen on the search engine. And you get a lot of free traffic.

The reason for doing SEO is that people get quality traffic from it on their blog, website. And if they get more traffic, then the purpose of creating that blog or website is fulfilled.

Suppose we do not do SEO of our blog post on NextGEducation, then it will be difficult for our post to come in the search engine. And our goal of providing information to you will not be fulfilled.

So now you must have understood that what is SEO after all? And it acts like based on your need to do water in the crop for any website on the Internet. And you must have read “Bin Pani Sab Sun”. Do not underestimate SEO.


How Does SEO Work? Learn SEO Course

How Does SEO Work

SEO is a complete process in which we optimize our content by understanding the intention of our customers (users searching on the internet).

Meaning it is very important for a website owner to understand that the information given in his blog website whether people need that information or not?

  • The purpose of SEO is not to provide services of your products and services or to provide any other information through your blog website. 
  • Rather, the purpose of SEO is to provide that thing that a customer needs.
  • And understanding this, today business owners and bloggers are giving useful help to people through blogs and they are also getting benefits.
  • Suppose users search in Google how to earn money online? And your blog is related to earning money

So since you have understood that users are interested in earning money online. Now you have to provide complete information related to earning money online in your article.

After writing an article on this topic, now SEO helps you in conveying this information to those users. By taking the best SEO course in Delhi, you can optimize your article for search engines and display your blog post at the top of the search engine result page (SERP).

Now here is a question that may come to your mind that how this process of optimizing the search engine starts. That is, how to do SEO?

There are mainly three things in SEO. On the basis of which you can say that a website is optimized for search engines. And the chances of getting a top ranking in search engines increase.

#1 Keyword Research

Meaning of keyword research. Finding out what people are searching in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

#2 On-Page SEO

The second step of this process of doing SEO is to do On-Page SEO of your website/blog.

#3 Off-Page SEO

It is also called Off-Site SEO because it is done outside the site. Off-Page SEO is very important for all blog websites to get search engine ranking.

In Off-Page SEO, mainly you have to pay attention to writing quality content in your website blog as well as increasing the authority of your website.

In this, you have to create backlinks for your site from other authority websites.

It is similar to the way we sit with respectable people in society. Our reputation increases. In the same way, if you get a backlink from a high authority site, then it sends a positive message to Google about your site. And considering your website as a Genuine & Relevant website, it ranks in the search engine ranking, which increases your ranking.

So in this way, all these three main things come in SEO and if you want to do SEO in your blog or website and want to learn an SEO course which is included in the digital marketing course in Rohini Delhi, then you have to learn all these three things closely.

In this post we have learned about SEO, what is SEO, how SEO works, and how we can do SEO of our website or blog… I hope it will help you… If you like our post please share it with your friends on social media platforms… If you have any confusion or queries about this post feel free to ask in the comment on bloginyouth

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