Surprising Bathroom Tech You Need To Get Your Hands On

Smart Home technology has become a prominent part of the way we operate. From home security, to  simply playing music in different rooms of the house, to checking in on our homes when we’re not in them, it has become a tool for streamlining our home and making things easier for us. In 2020 alone, statistics have shown that the use of Amazon Alexa within our smart homes has increased by over 80%. This is telling of the future of smart home technology and moving into the realms of normalcy rather than novelty. 

Just as smart home technology has become a big part of our everyday life, this extends into our bathrooms.

Comfort is King 

Creating healthy wind down routines for yourself is key, especially after a long day of work and your bathroom can become central to this routine especially with the new technology to aid this. 

Creating a comfortable bathroom space can start with some simple technology. Warming Drawers are a bathroom luxury that can make a world of difference to your bathroom routine. Warming Drawers are designed to keep your towels warm and ary, ready to go when you get out of the shower or bath. Having this comfort could give you the warmth you need at night, or just a moment of stillness in the morning. Bliss.

Continuing along the path of comfort and bathroom technology, is the smart shower. This piece of bathroom technology, that can be easily implemented and then relied on heavily. Controlling your shower from your smartphone, can take stress out of your day and have your shower ready and waiting for you, at the perfect temperature before you even step foot in your bathroom. This can streamline your busy life, especially if you have a busy household. The technology used in  smart showers can also be used when it comes to your bath too. Getting that bath filled at a temperature you like means that your bath is ready and waiting for you, before you even get up the stairs.

To add a finishing touch to your bathroom, having a smart oil diffuser can be just what you need to make your bathroom an escape. This type of diffuser is becoming more and more popular, not just for the scent, but for the health properties that are tied to essential oils. Getting your bath filled and your oil diffuser running all from your phone is what makes these comfort features so desirable in a smart bathroom.

Health is Wealth 

As the last year alone has shown, taking our health into our own hands and prioritising our needs is key. This can be as simple as starting from technology in your own bathroom. When it comes to hygiene, starting with the toilet is a good idea.

Touchless Toilets are a piece of bathroom technology that can significantly reduce the touch time with your toilet and promote a more hygienic bathroom space. These types of toilets enable the set to be raised and lowered without being touched, as well as coming with a digital flush. The digital flush included motion sensors so touching the flush is no longer necessary and is useful particularly for houses that have many people in and out of the bathroom. Ideal for a public or office bathroom as well as a home one.

To keep track of your health whilst still in the bathroom, a two in one piece of technology can be just what you need to stay on top of it. A smart bathroom mat, not only provides a non slippery surface when getting out of the bath or shower, but can be used as a scale. Connected to a mobile phone app a smart bathroom app can calculate your body mass index as well as show you your weight. It’s a streamlined way to integrate a scale into the bathroom, without the traditional scale taking up room and not matching your aesthetic.

Digital and touch free taps are also a way to reduce the amount of touch time on a place that is usually a harbour for germs and bacteria. The touch free taps sense hand motion to turn on, rather than actually having to touch a tap. Although it may seem like a frivolous addition to a bathroom, it can ensure personal hygiene as well as streamline your bathroom aesthetic.

Sometimes all you need is a bit of fun

Having smart technology in your bathroom doesn’t have to be all streamline and efficient, but can be implemented for our enjoyment. Going into your bathroom is an everyday must, so why not make it  a fun place to be whilst you’re in there!

Bluetooth speakers are no newcomer when it comes to the world of smart technology, but having them in your bathroom and shower can add some ambience and energy to your bathroom routines. A bluetooth shower speaker can be linked to your smart assistant systems and your mobile. This can mean you have access to your podcasts, music library and even any shows you may be watching. You can keep yourself entertained in the bathroom and make it an even more luxurious place to be.

 An excellent pairing with your shower speaker could be a waterproof television. This piece of technology is made specifically for your bathroom and means that you don’t have to take your phone in with you when you have a soak in the tub. No risk of your phone falling in the water when you’re trying to watch Netflix whilst in the bathroom. You can link your favourite shows to the waterproof television and even have it fitted in the shower if that’s what you want to do.

Getting the most out of your smart home, doesn’t have to be restricted to just one area of your home, and implementing some of this bathroom technology can help streamline your digital home even more and allow you control over it as well as being fun at the same time.


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