New Years events celebrations across the Globe

New Years event is celebrated across the entire globe. Countries across the world pick up their key spots and display spectacular fireworks. These fireworks can be seen I cities like Sydney, Hong Kong, Dubai and Tokyo. Australia is also one of the countries that usher fabulous fireworks on new years eve. But this celebration was dampened in New Year 2020 due to the deadly wild fire that happened. New Year 2021 didn’t happen in any of the countries due to the pandemic attack across all the countries worldwide. Thus there was a strict ban on celebrations and gatherings across the world.

Ney Year is considered to be a new and fresh start for an upcoming year. People have their own different ways to celebrate and enjoy New years. Generations changed and the way of celebrations as well. Adults prefer celebrating it at home while the young want to be out and about. There are many different ways to celebrate and welcome a new year. Let’s look at different ways people prefer to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

  1. At Home Parties

The latest idea of celebrating for adults and youth is to have a relaxed evening. Many prefer to invite their family and friends over and have a relaxed, enjoyable evening with them. They make special delicacies at home and enjoy all of it together. this also companies with game parties, hookah and light music.

  1. Theme parties

Theme parties are another addition to way of celebrating New Years eve. New Year’s eve can be celebrated by hosting themed parties as well. And there are many different themes that can be a part of celebration. Themes can be anything from Bollywood theme to Marvel theme. It is of the interest of the host to decide which theme to host.

  1. Games

Another interesting way of celebrating New Year’s or any such celebration will be to host game parties. Game parties are sure shot fun. Any kind of game can be played and it honestly becomes self entertaining. Having a cozy night of board games with snacks is equally entertaining or maybe more when compared to a party. Easy to go snacks are best in such scenario.

  1. Winter white dinner party

Another sit down celebration would be a quiet white dinner party with wine an amazing food to share. This is more relaxing for older people as the young ones would prefer to party outside with their friends. Dinner party would also include sharing old memories and a lot of laughs and enjoyment for the older.

  1. Camping

Another way of celebrating New Year’s Eve is to go out on camping with friends or family. This is another way for young people to chill with their friends and relax at the same time. Camping can be good fun when done in a group of people ranging from 8 to 10. Playing games, singing songs, barbecue etc. would surely be a part of the camping.

  1. Vacation

Many people prefer taking a family vacation on Christmas and New Year’s holidays. They think it is a better plan to go on a vacation in these holidays where they can relax and explore a new place at the same time. This gives them immense time with their family and they get to know each other much better. Going to a more relaxed and cozy place is a better idea in these holidays. It gives them time to bond and to understand each other.

  1. Parties

Last but not the least is the most common way of celebration which is attending parties at clubs. These are not basic regular house parties, but hosted by a club or a hotel. People purchase tickets to these parties. One such party to be mentioned is Parvati Tandav. Tandav Events host parties such as Christmas and New Year’s in Goa. They have a lineup of disc jockeys who will be playing at the party. Their tickets are available on first come first serve basis. Pre-sale of tickets starts two months prior the celebration. The line up of disc jockeys is amazing with great music mashup.  It will also include drinks and food, this is another way of celebrating New Year’s eve with friends.

Many events we have witnessed has a club of two or more event partners to keep the audience entertained. This will include one event partner who will take care of light shows whereas another event partner will take care of live music or dj. Parvati Tandav events is one such company that hosts these parties. They had the ticket to go for pre-sale in the next two days. They have various famous disc jockeys who will be playing on New Year’s Eve. To make this evening a memorable one, attendees will get to experience a mix of all famous djs and their signature mash ups. This will include Bollywood, Jazz, House and much more.


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