How to Convert EML Mailbox to PDF Without Using Software?

The .eml file format is supported by a variety of email clients, including Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Zimbra, The Bat!, and Zoho Mail. If you’re one of the users looking for a free way to convert EML Mailbox to PDF, this handout will walk you through the procedure.

This blog post addresses the question of how to save EML mail as PDF and provides native methods for converting EML files to PDF format, including attachments. If you’re seeking something similar, this blog post will assist you in finding a quick way to convert several EML files to PDF. Read the entire blog to learn everything there is to know about converting EML files to PDF files.

Many email clients require that the database be stored in PDF format for simple access and administration. Desktop email programs such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, EM Client, Entourage, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others use the EML file extension to store user email messages with headers, metadata, and attachments. The PDF file format, on the other hand, is independent of any device, program, or operating system.

The widely used file extension is widely used by users and is often regarded as the safest option to keep databases. Watermarks, digital signatures, and passwords are used to give different levels of protection. As a result, many EML file owners intend to transfer their files to PDF format for easier maintenance. In this article, we’ll show you how to save EML files in PDF format using both a manual and a professional way.

As a result, this handout will demonstrate both file formats. What are the benefits of PDF over this format? Also, how do you know a Quick way to convert EML to PDF documents?

Let’s not waste any time and get started.

What is the EML (Extensible Markup Language) File Format?

An e-mail message saved to a file in the MIME RFC 822 standard format has this file extension. It’s utilized by a variety of email programs, including:

  • Thunderbird is a web browser developed by Mozilla.
  • Zoho Mail is a web-based email service.
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Outlook Express
  • Windows Mail is a client for Microsoft Windows.
  • Zimbra
  • Bat!

What is PDF (Portable Document Format)?

Portable document files have this file extension. It’s a type of electronic document that saves information in a digital format. These files are platform-agnostic and can be used to send data such as text, photos, media, 3D graphs, and so on. In a nutshell, PDF files are convenient and may be utilized to transport data.

PDF documents have a number of advantages over EML documents.

The finest file formats for data are PDF files. They offer advantages over EML files, which is why people want to know how to convert EML mailbox to PDF quickly. The following are some of these characteristics:

  • Portable Document Files (PDFs) are simple to make.
  • They are more secure because they cannot be saved by drag and drop, as EML allows.
  • The PDF files are in password protection.
  • You can compress a huge document file if necessary.
  • The software required to read the PDF material is available for free.
  • The PDF content is not changing.

How can I Convert EML Mailbox to PDF Document?

To convert an EML file using MS Word, follow the instructions below:

  1. Find the file you wish to convert and double-click it.
  2. Select the file with a right-click.
  3. Now, open the document in MS Word.
  4. On the top-left corner, click the office button.
  5. Additionally, Save As and then “Find add-ins” for “other file format” as needed. It will convert the EML file to a PDF document.

The process for converting EML to portable documents is really simple, and you can do it yourself or use the EML Data Extractor.

Follow the steps below for a quick conversion:

  • Download and run the free EML converter; then click the Add file button.
  • Choose the EML files you want to convert.
  • You’ll get a list of all the EML files you’ve selected; click OK to begin the converting process.
  • Now, from the saving options, select the destination path and PDF, and then click the Save button.
  • Check the date range box and enter the start and end dates if you want to arrange email items by date range. Now press the Add button.
  • Choose a naming convention and then a drop-down menu of options. Now, press the Save button.
  • You’re ready to go.

It’s a simple method for completing the move. Simply follow each step to achieve the desired result.

Final Thoughts

As I previously stated, there are numerous reasons why people convert EML mailbox to PDF file type. But portable document formats contain many more properties than EML files. You are free to employ any of the ways at your leisure, but the manual method does have certain drawbacks. If you need to process a big number of files, yet it’s advisable to use an automated solution like EML Converter. I hope that this handout will resolve all of your problems and errors.


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