How Marijuana is Good for Post Workout Relief

More recent studies have shown better data on marijuana’s effect on the body. This includes its effect as anti-inflammatory and helps muscle damage, especially after a workout. And according to research, eight out of ten cannabis users make use of it and combined it with their workout routine. Whether you are a fitness or a sports enthusiast, you may give it a try and see the result for yourself by searching “weed delivery Santa Monica”. However, experts do not fully recommend its use as part of your exercise system, unless of course, you have a regular doctor’s visit.

So how does marijuana help with muscle recovery?

According to research, marijuana has compounds with potent effectiveness in soothing the pain, relaxing the muscles, and alleviating inflammatory processes in a person’s body. These compounds are THC and CBD which are also known as cannabinoids. Both compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system, a system responsible for secretion of hormones associated to reproductive functions and response to stress. Researchers said that there are scientific evidences that these compounds can reduce pain and inflammation. Reduced swelling permits more oxygenated blood to be carried to the muscles improving the recovery period. Additionally, cannabis can relax the muscle tissue that helps speed the recovery.

Muscle and joint pains and swelling of a specific body part are common after a very tiring workout. Especially when activities are strenuous and unfamiliar and may cause damage to muscle fibers. These aftereffects can hinder one from returning to an intense workout. With the right use of cannabis, the body may recover faster. Thus, it also affects the motivation to return to exercise activities, and breaking the stereotypes that people who use marijuana are lazy and not physically active.

The scope of research on how weed affects the muscle recovery is still developing and experts are still looking for strong proof that would allow them to recommend the use of cannabis to everyone who do workouts. It is highly encouraged to be responsible in the use of cannabis as it comes with consequential effect if abused. That is the reason why it is very important to be aware on how to properly use it to get the positive effects rather than its possible side effects. As they will always say, you carry the responsibility to be kind to your body.

How do you determine that you are using cannabis the right way after workout? 

There are ways to safely use cannabis as a way to ease muscle pains after a heavy workout. In an article from The Sports Daily, they stressed 3 tips on how these things are done effectively.  

The first one is about eating edibles. Though it may have a huge advantage of not needing to smoke it, and does not have any negative effect on the lungs, they are still not perfect. Compared to smoking weeds, the effects will take effect right away. And you will know when you had enough. As for eating it, it will take some time to feel the effect, and you may be already high before you know it. These are common to those who are not experienced enough with edibles.

The second tip suggested is to not get high. If you only want to ease some muscle pain, there is no need to take weed that’s high in THC. CBD products with low amount of THC don’t have any psychoactive effects and still has therapeutic benefits. Thus, the use of CBD oil is mostly recommended as it doesn’t have psychedelic effects and won’t have effects on the lungs. Additionally, getting high may affect your performance since it can cause exhaustion on the following day. And CBD don’t have such risks.

The final piece of advice is to not push yourself too hard. You may feel better after consumption, but you should not surpass your physical limits. Always remember to follow effective exercise routine and slowly increase your body limit.

Straining the body to its limit can be very painful for most athletes and sports professionals. They believed in the saying “no pain no gain” and they always need to find a way to relax their muscles and bones after stressful activity or workout. And they use cannabis as their go-to remedy to ease the pain and relax the muscle.

Marijuana VS Pharmaceutical Drugs

Effects of cannabis to muscle pain and inflammation have been compared with synthetic medicines and steroids. The latter is used to be the go-to remedy for muscle pain after a demanding exercise. And because of their notable side effects on the body, they cannot be recommended for long-term use. The use of marijuana, however, has a remarkable effect when used after workout and does not show results such as stomach pain, sores, and does not impose the risk of affecting the immune system. There may be side effects of using weed such as causing one’s eye and mouth to go dry, and affect the senses. But these are brief and can be managed with controlled use and a limited dose.

According to the article from Pharmacy Times, it has been discovered that prescription drugs like opioids or pain relievers, sedatives, and anti-depressants are being substituted by medical marijuana on majority of its reported users, based on research. The main reason for the switch is to reduce the side effect given by these synthetic drugs. They also hypothesized that medical marijuana can be more potent in managing symptoms better than most prescription drugs.

This is a clear-cut reason why most are switching to this kind of alternative medicine when it comes to relieving body pain from doing exercise, especially to states where the use of cannabis is legal.

Marijuana Delivery Hollywood

So far, these research outcomes have made fitness enthusiasts enjoy more the benefits of marijuana in helping with muscle relaxation and relief after heavy workout. Weed delivery will be seeing an upward trend in this sector of the society especially when further research findings will improve and more discoveries are brought to light.


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