Guide To Leather Gloves For MTB Enthusiasts

Safety gears are integral parts of cycling enthusiasts, and leather gloves are always a top priority article. However, even though these gloves are recommended for all cyclists, they are more of a necessity for mountain biking. Therefore, it is important to understand several factors related to leather gloves before choosing your pick.

Why Are Leather Gloves Important For MTB Enthusiasts?

The question may arise regarding the necessity of leather gloves for mountain bikes. Some amateur bikers often claim that they get a better grip with bare hands and gloves only weaken their grip.

Well, that’s not the scenario with professional bikers who always use and recommend others to use the high-quality leather gloves from good brands such as Tasco MTB. Primarily, there are four reasons why leather gloves are necessary for MTB enthusiasts:

  1. They provide a better grip on the handles.
  2. There’s a lesser chance of hurting your palms and knuckles in case of a fall or a collision.
  3. MTB gloves have a special inner material that absorbs sweat, preventing your palms from losing friction.
  4. The gloves absorb the impact and prevent your fingers and palm from getting sore after a good ride.

Due to the immense importance of MTB gloves, the sports equipment manufacturers like Tasco MTB often come up with special gloves designed for the summer and winter seasons, respectively.

The huge number of options in the market naturally makes it a daunting task to choose the right gloves for yourself. But there’s a solution. Let us discover it by understanding the two primary segments of biking gloves.

Summer Gloves Vs Winter Gloves

As their respective names suggest, the summer gloves are more suitable for summer rides, while the winter gloves are used when biking in low temperatures in relatively colder regions.

Therefore, leather gloves buyers often make their pick by considering this single parameter. As for the winter, leather gloves are relatively bulky, but they have a clear purpose of serving.

They are designed to protect your hands and your fingers from freezing due to the extremely low temperatures. Any MTB biker cannot afford to have their fingers frozen while riding as it will lead to a decrease in rapidity, and it may further affect braking.

They additionally have a breathable inner coating and a waterproof outer shell. Some also come with silk pads for added insulation. As for the summer mountain bikes, lightweight materials are used for making them, and manufacturers use gel inserts in the palm area for a better grip.

In addition, they come in fingerless variants, and leather gloves buyers willing to ride in the summer season or jungle trails can opt for these MTB gloves. The summer leather gloves are made of elasticized fabrics from the inside to provide better mobility, and they also have sweat absorption features.

There’s one similarity between winter and summer leather gloves, i.e., their closures are quite similar and are made of either elastic or Velcro. Therefore, the first criteria to help you select your leather glove is quite simple, choose your glove according to the terrain and season.

What Is The Difference Between Mountain Bike And Road Bike Leather Gloves?

Another dilemma that MTB riders face is the uncanny similarity between a mountain bike and road bike leather gloves. As a result, they often cannot weigh their options due to similarities and distinctions between the features of the two gloves.

But, again, the demand for both gloves is huge; therefore, leather gloves importers buy both types of leather gloves in huge numbers. As for the mountain, leather bike gloves are specifically designed to provide a good grip, ample protection, and comfort during both winter and summer seasons.

They also have padded palms coated with anti-slip fabric or other material to provide a superior grip with the handlebar. On the other hand, when it comes to road leather bike gloves, their main function isn’t superior grip or protection.

Rather, they are mainly made to prevent the discomfort caused due to vibrations, which often leads to the soreness of the palm and fingers. If you are an MTB rider, you should stick with the mountain leather glove bikes as the suspension of your MTB is well sufficient to absorb those vibrations, and safety is the primary criterion.

How To Choose The Best Leather Gloves?

Apart from the categories mentioned in the above paragraphs, there are certainly other common factors for comparing mountain leather bikes. For example, the leather gloves importers have a stock of products in different segments, and they often have both average quality and good quality products.

Therefore, you need to compare the material, cost, durability, warranty, fabric, and other attributes before deciding. In addition, there are some other factors like color and strap material that depend upon the buyer’s preference. Mountain biking is undoubtedly a fun sport.

But it is important to equip yourself with proper gear like good helmets, knee guards, leather gloves, and adequate biking shoes. You can start your purchase by comparing the options available in various online stores. Happy mountain biking!


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