Schools and colleges were closed but education was widespread

Online learning became extremely widespread during and after the lockdown. Schools in 121 countries of the world-

Phone-tablet or PC is now the only school or college for more than one and a half billion students than college closure have become. This was a brand new experience for both teachers and students. Teachers compared to students. This was a situation where more had to be learned.

This situation is not good in all respects. Online learning is very difficult for young children. For a very large section of society, it is also difficult to allocate smartphones for the education of children. The imbalance in income was already creating a huge gap in both education and exposure and now it will become deeper and wider. Of course, there are many opportunities to expand education informally, which is comforting.

Children of small standards do not like online school. And it is difficult for many families to afford a phone.


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