Would You Prefer International Schools Over CBSE Schools?

There comes a time when as a parent you have to take a call on the education of your child. One of the main questions at this point in time is to decide between an international school and CBSE schools. The decision requires a lot of research and careful consideration. A lot hangs on that one decision of yours.

CBSE schools have played an important role in shaping the Indian education system. It forms the backbone of the government’s mission to provide education to every citizen of the country. CBSE schools seemed to be the most comfortable answer for most of the parents until now.

The parents are today wanting to go beyond the traditional approach of the CBSE schools. The kids today are facing competition from everywhere. It is not relegated within the perimeters of the country.

Employers today are not running after the candidates who only poses a qualification degree to prove their worth. Prior industry exposure and knowledge of the application is playing a major role in deciding the right candidates for the companies. This calls for a change in approach in education. Realizing the demand, the international schools have started chipping in as life saviors for the students and their parents. Challenging the autonomy of traditional learning, these schools are ensuring to prepare students who are academically sound and technically qualified.

Here are the key reasons why you should prefer INternational schools over CBSE schools.

International exposure

The IB schools are prepared to give global exposure to your child. The students in the IB schools are taught following the international pattern.

International accreditation

The international schools are accredited to some of the topmost international facilities. When the students decide to pursue education from any of these colleges, they have a distinct advantage over kids from regular schools.

Flexible learning

One of the key features of an international school is the level of flexibility they offer to their students. The schools allow the students to pick their subjects of interest from an early age.
While the student is taught in all the subjects, they can have a minimum of three subjects as their majors. This helps the student concentrate on these subjects. The school also provided various added programs to help the student achieve excellence in the subjects of their choice. This helps the students prepare for subjects related to their career or higher education in a more synchronized manner.

Extracurricular activities

The students at the international schools also enjoy the ultra-modern infrastructure for various extracurricular activities.

To make it interesting, the school organizes various events and sports activities. The school has well-trained coaches and teachers to help the students realize their potential other than books.

The schools also provide training and coaching facilities to the students who wish to undertake sports as their career.

International schools believe in the importance of the overall development of the student. It is a regular endeavor of these schools to provide an optimum facility for the child’s growth and development. The IB school does this without compromising on the need to make students academically self-sufficient. A common miss in the schools following the CBSE structure of education.

The commitment to education with a difference is one of the prime factors why the parents are bending to prefer international schools over CBSE schools.

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