Wishing You A Merry Christmas And A Happy Healthy And Prosperous New Year

The 2020 Christmas and New Year two festivals are coming up. Which we celebrate with family, friends and neighbors. People from all over the world take part in this festival. So we will participate. But with that we have to be a little more careful. Which is as follows.


Stay away from each other.

In both the above mentioned festivals you have to shop very carefully. Celebrate the festival with friends and family. Because we all get so happy. We forget that we have to celebrate festivals by staying away from each other. So that you and your family as well as friends have no fear of Corona. If we follow these rules, we will be able to celebrate the festival with our family and loved ones.

Wear a mask or a handkerchief over your Face

We all know that the corona vaccine has not yet hit the market. So it is very important to get protection against Corona. So if anyone is working for a vaccine for that, it is a mask. At present, in every country of the world, the government has given permission to work as per the norms. But self-defense is also very important to do that. So it is imperative to wear a mask before going out. If you are celebrating your festivals with enthusiasm, you must wear a mask or a handkerchief before going out.

In festival times cleaning the house

During the festival, be careful to clean the dusty things outside the house. So that no one in the house is allergic to dust.When you bring something from outside. So insist on washing it and using it. Insist on hand sanitizer when going out of the house or when you come home from outside. You go to celebrate your festival at home with one of your relatives or at home with your friends and loved ones. So keep the sanitizer with you. Keep hand sanitizer or wash hands and feet if needed. So that you can take special care of yourself.


Caring for children

  1. Only after washing hands with soap does the child’s coke touch the eyes, nose, ears.
  2. Ask your child to keep a distance of one meter or more from each other after going out.
  3. Insist on tying the baby to the head before taking it out.
  4. If your child has a cough or sneeze then insist on washing your hands.
  5. Keep the child away from the person who has a cold cough.
  6. Also stop the child from sharing each other’s food. If possible, keep a handkerchief separate.
  7. If you take your child to a public place, make sure it does not get stuck anywhere.




This attitude will play an important part in your calendar and will definitely make a good moment for all the social events and activities you do.



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