Top 10 countries offering jobs for indians even in lockdown

This pandemic has changed a lot of things in this one year, mostly the education system, lifestyle of people, and also has a great impact on the downfall of the economic rate of a country. It has completely changed the working environment of many people. People are now mostly tensed about their career, their jobs, and their economic growth. It’s quite difficult to give any statement regarding the job market in the future and rather it seems like the work culture will shift in favor of the remote working model.


But with the advancement of new technologies and the new ways, people have many choices to choose for their job and personal growth. They can even work in their preferred countries and can have a better lifestyle. Many countries are giving opportunities to work with them even in this lockdown. With your professional skill and your visas, you can now apply for your dream job in different countries. There are many opportunities for Indians to work in different countries.So, here are the

Top 10 countries that are offering a job for Indians even in lockdown

1. Canada:

Canada is providing various casual and skilled jobs for the people who are in search of jobs. Also, employment in Canada is advantageous because the quality of living is high and the cost of living is considerably lower. They are offering seasonal employment in restaurants, finance, and in the reception sector.

2. Australia:

For people who are looking for short-term job opportunities then Australia is one of the best countries to work abroad. If you have experience then also you can work as a tour guide, waitress, housekeeper, or restaurant employee.

3. Germany:

Germany is highly developed and has a strong economy. There are a lot of opportunities in R&D, Medicines, Machinery, Banking, and IT.

4. France:

France provides many opportunities in the sectors of food and hospitality, such as restaurants and hotels. You can work as a tutor, au pair, or on a vineyard in France for a short period.

5. Bahrain:

Bahrain is one of the most accessible and stable countries and has the world’s most powerful currency. This country provides a great work-life balance, and Indians typically have no trouble in finding work in this country.

6. Luxembourg:

Luxembourg is one of the smallest nations in Europe but provides a lot of opportunities in the IT and Finance sectors.

7. NewZealand:

This country provides various long–term jobs in banking, accounting, and healthcare. And one can find short-term work in hospitality, food service, and adventure tours.

8. Spain:

To work in Spain one has to be an expert in the native language. And this country provides temporary occupations, such as teaching English, nursery, or working in tourism.

9. South Korea:

South Korea is one of the best countries to live and work abroad and is also regarded as Asia’s third-largest economy. This country provides jobs for working as a teacher in Korea, teaching English.

10. The United Kingdom:

This is the highest-paying nation to work in. Here one can apply for various jobs and can build their career with a youth mobility visa, a seasonal worker visa, a charity worker visa, UK Skilled Work Visa and an International Agreement visa.


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