Study in Cyprus: A Complete Guide

Cyprus is a Mediterranean island with a year-round summer and a low foreign student tuition charge. Interested in learning more? The country, after all, boasts a world-class European education system, sunny beaches, a thriving nightlife, and low living costs. Cyprus, while not as well-known as the United States or the United Kingdom, provides international students with affordable educational opportunities. Students in Cyprus can work and study while maintaining a social life. Continue reading to learn more about how to study in Cyprus and other info –

Why should you go to Cyprus to study?

There are numerous reasons to consider Cyprus as a top candidate for your international education. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

Cyprus is a member of the European Union, and as a result, education in Cyprus is affordable and of excellent quality. Education accounts for more than 7% of the country’s GDP. Despite being a member of the EU, the country’s education system is based on the American System of education, which means that students have control over their workload and the amount of courses they take. Affordability of education is also a factor.

Proximity to three continents and European countries – One of the main reasons why students opt to study abroad is to gain exposure to different cultures.

No standardized exam requirements – No standardized examinations, such as the TOEFL or IELTS, are required for admission to Cyprus universities. So, if you’re looking for universities that have low tuition prices and don’t require you to take a test, Cyprus is the place to be.

What are the best universities in Cyprus?

Cyprus is a small island nation with a number of governmental and private educational institutions. These universities offer a variety of programs, including dual degree programs, that are accredited by institutions in the United Kingdom and the United States. The following are some of Cyprus’ best universities:

Public universities – 

  • University of Cyprus
  • Open University of Cyprus
  • Cyprus University of Technology

Private universities – 

  • European University Cyprus
  • Frederick University
  • Neapolis University
  • University of Central Lancashire Cyprus (UCLan Cyprus)
  • University of Nicosia
  • Philips University

What are the most popular courses among students in Cyprus?

Cyprus’ universities offer a wide range of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree programs. Courses in information technology, business management, hospitality, computer science, medical programs, and other fields are available in Cyprus. Business Administration and Hospitality are the most popular courses in Cyprus. Depending on the course load and level, the course might last anywhere from one to four years. The courses are multilingual, with the majority of them being in English.

What does education expense in Cyprus cost for overseas students?

With only a few thousand Euros a year, education in Cyprus is both affordable and inexpensive. A Bachelor’s student can anticipate to pay 3500 Euros each year in tuition. A student studying business and computer science can expect to pay around 3540 Euros in tuition fees. Masters degrees can range in price from 2500 to 8000 euros each year.

332 Euros a month for a shared unit

44 Euros per month for utilities

Subscription to the Internet – 39 Euros per month

40 Euros per month for transportation

Admissions criteria

A university diploma from a recognized university in your own country is required.

Online application through the university’s application system.

In sealed envelopes, two signed Letters of Recommendation. Three reference letters may be required by some graduate programs. Before submitting, check the department’s website for the required number of letters.

Copies of the diploma from the university.

The degree transcripts.

CV Statement of Purpose or a one- to two-page statement explaining research goals and interests.

English competence is necessary for entrance to several postgraduate courses.

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