CBD Oil Vape Pen Vs. Pod: The Ultimate Guide

CBD is the most important discovery that originates from the cannabis plant. The cannabinoid has proved to have numerous health and wellness benefits, including:

  • relief from pain
  • treating insomnia & improving one’s sleeping habits 
  • treating anxiety & depression
  • Alleviating cancer-related symptoms
  • Helping in regulating blood pressure.

CBD is not intoxicating (you will not get high once you consume the cannabinoid purely). These CBD properties are the main reason many people and countries have changed their perception of cannabis and legalized it.

Vaping is one of the most preferred CBD consumption methods. Other methods include using tinctures and edibles. However, vaping is preferred as it delivers the benefits in no time (a few seconds after taking the first draw of CBD vapor). Also, CBD oil concentrates contain natural terpenes that make the vaping experience full of enjoyable flavor.

What is a CBD oil vape pen?

CBD oil vape pens come in various shapes and forms but usually look like the normal pen. They have three main accessories: a battery, a cartridge/ tank, and a mouthpiece: the cartridge houses both the coil/ heating element and the CBD oil concentrate. 

To use a CBD oil vape pen, you turn the battery on, and it will power the coil. In turn, the coil heats to the set temperature and vaporizes the CBD oil concentrate. You inhale the vapor from the CBD oil vape pen through the mouthpiece.

The two main types of CBD oil vape pens are:

  1. Disposable CBD oil vape pens.

They come prefilled with a CBD oil concentrate and should be disposed of after the oil concentrate exhausts. Most of these devices come with rechargeable and removable 510 threaded batteries, which you can use with other vape cartridges. Consequently, you should dispose of the disposable CBD oil vape pen’s cartridge only and stay with the battery. 

Disposable CBD oil vape pens are usually cheap and require no maintenance and cleaning. However, they are expensive in the long run, as you will have to buy so many throughout your CBD vaping journey.

  1. Refillable CBD oil vape pens.

Refillable CBD oil vape pens may come with or without the CBD oil concentrate, but you can refill their cartridges or tanks with the concentrates and reuse them many times. You only know it is time to buy a new one once they dip in performance or start creating a harsh vapor even at low temperatures.

Despite being expensive in the market, refillable CBD oil vape pens are cheap in the long run. They require more maintenance practices and regular cleaning.

What is a pod?

A pod-based vaping system has a battery housing unit that you can recharge once it drains completely. Besides, it has a pod filled with oil and is dropped into the battery housing unit. Once the vape oil exhausts, the user removes the pod and replaces it with a new pod filled with the vape oil. 

Although pods vary significantly in shape, the most popular ones are small, discrete, slick, and look like a USB stick. 

How do CBD oil vape pens and pods compare?

  1. Simplicity and ease of use.

Both devices are very user-friendly and simple in design. Users do not have to fill the tanks themselves with closed pods and refillable CBD oil vape pens.

Unlike pods, for CBD oil vape pens, you do not have to swap the cartridges, making them ready to use right after purchasing them.

  1. Convenience.

CBD oil vape pens and pods are very convenient options. They are both the best portable vaporizers devices and do not require users to have the technical knowledge to use them. Besides, both devices are hand-held, battery-operated, and do not require set up time before use. Consequently, you can take them anywhere.

  1. Longevity/ durability.

CBD oil vape pens are designed to offer more convenience than longevity. Pods have larger cartridges and are easy to replace, enabling you to keep vaping using a similar device.

However, some CBD oil vape pen brands and pod brands have high-quality batteries in their devices whose life is excellent. They can support numerous sessions before needing a recharge.

Should I buy a CBD oil vape pen or a pod?

As long as you are buying from a reputable brand producing high-quality products, both CBD oil vape pens and pods offer substantial benefits. Both devices are easy to use, but a CBD oil vape pen provides a bit more convenience while a pod offers better longevity. If you are into quitting smoking, CBD oil vape pens have a more familiar design and way of usage than pods for cigarette smokers.

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Sheli Gibbs

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