Advantages of Using Ready Mix Concrete

As you know, concrete is an important element of any construction project. You can’t do any work without concrete, but which concrete is best? Ready-mix concrete we can say!

Well, understand the meaning, types, and topmost advantages of ready mix concrete. Below we have described every concept clearly.

What is a ready mix concrete?

Ready Mix Concrete is a kind of concrete, and it is a combination of Water, Portland Cement, Coarse aggregates, and sand. Generally, it is batched plants and made in a cement factory in specific proportions. Contractors deliver it in a Transit-mixer to the construction area. RMC is the short form of Ready Mix Concrete. It is environmental -friendly as compared to other site mix concrete. The RMC mixing is done in a closed space which decreases air and noise pollution.

Types of Ready-Mix-Concrete

Now check out the 3 types of ready-mix concrete presented below:

1. Shrink-mixed concrete

The shrink mixed concrete is first on the list. Contractors used this for increasing the truckload capacity. It is mixed at the plant or factories for shrinking the concrete’s volume.

During the transit time, the balance mixing of concrete is completed usually at the construction site.

2. Transit mixed concrete

You can call it truck mixed concrete also. In this type of concrete during transition, concrete is thoroughly mixed in the truck and is batched at a central plant.

Transit mixed concrete apart aggregates and cement from the water. Also, it allows the concrete to be instantly prior to use at the construction site.

You will not face the problems of slump loss and soon hardening, which may result in transportation delays. The most common pros are the trucks carrying transit mixed concrete are smaller than vehicles transporting central-mixed concrete.

3. Central-mixed concrete

It is the third one on the list. Moreover, the central mixed plants are wet batch plants. Mostly the concrete is mixed properly and batched in a fixed mixer at the plant site prior to putting it into the truck mixers.

The benefits of central-mixed concrete are as follows: flexibility, better quality control, decrease damage on the truck mixer drums, and more powerful production capability.

Top 4 Advantages Of Using Ready Mix Concrete

Whenever you are thinking of starting a construction project, try to get great knowledge regarding ready-mix concrete.
Hence, for ease, we have enlisted the top methods for enhancing your construction project. Have a look at the top 4 key benefits of ready-mix concrete use for any construction project.

1. Flexible and Topmost quality

In old times, contractors or architects used to determine the hand-mixing concrete and range of manufacturing supplies. And mostly, it leads to a deficit of flexibility and disparity in the usage of construction supplies.

But, now circumstances have changed! It can perform top-quality work regularly with the latest modern techniques. You can use Ready-mix concrete to rush work on the designs with the help of modern and high-tech tools. Additionally, development plans become much simpler and flexible in nature.

2. Durable

As we previously mentioned, ready mix concrete is customized. So, it is suitable to use for many projects as per customers’ needs. It guarantees that the fittest mix of concrete has uniform quality plus is used for special project demands.
Well, uniform quality serves to make a very durable and strong house or residence that may remain longer.
And the strength can protect you from replacement, repairing costs and increase the concrete service experience.

3. Used and produced easily

There was a time when creating concrete on the project site was not an easy task. That time contractors organize, manage, and store all the supplies by themself. It consists of gravel, sand, cement bags, and other important supplies.

Plus, labour needs an adequate quantity of freshwater for making a concrete mixture. However, nowadays, technology has changed, and most contractors are choosing ready-mix concrete. Experts say the ready mix concrete is gaining popularity and becoming a convenient method to implement in construction areas. So, it doesn’t consume much time and saves all the workforce or labourers. If you choose ready mix concrete, it will drag you out of trouble in a very short time.

4. Save money

As we have mentioned, ready-mix concrete can save you from damage costs in the future. This denotes that you are going to save on transportation costs, equipment, and storage. Furthermore, it helps to lower down air pollution and noise pollution.

Wrap Up

Usually, Ready-mix concrete is great to offer unparalleled features to contractors. Moreover, it is so simple to recycle and is energy-efficient. If you mix it with other items, it will give high strength and support to other tasks. Furthermore, one more reason is that ready-mix concrete lasts for so many decades.

So do you want to use ready mix concrete for your next project? If so, do share your insights with us!

Anna Byrne

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