9 Useful Tips for Moving Overseas Affordably

Relocating to a new country can be exciting and expensive at the same time! You need to devote more time to manage your relocation as there are numerous things involved during the whole relocation process.

Just when you think that you have managed your relocation properly, any other problem crops up out of the blue. If you haven’t hatched a proper international relocation plan, many things such as shipping, flights, and visas might offer you a serious blow. So, in this way, you tend to face a lot of challenges before actually relocating your stuff to your destination. But that won’t prevent you from relocating your stuff to an international destination. Luckily, numerous handy tips can help you greatly during your international relocation process.

Here are the handy tips you should follow whenever you are looking for an international relocation:-

1) Select Sea Freight over Air Freight

When you are looking for affordable ways to move your belongings internationally, Sea freight is the most feasible option before you. This freight is usually affordable than the air freight as per the World Bank. The reason of Sea freight being affordable is due to the reason that the supply is outweighing the demand, which has kept the prices cheaper.

2) Make a good comparison of shipping quotes

There are varied international packers and movers that are offering the best international relocation services from their side. The best thing before hiring an international relocation service is to compare different quotes and choose the one that is perfectly suited to your needs.

If you have to choose packers and movers company, you need to fill a form explaining your relocation requirements in it. Once the movers will know your requirements, they’ll contact you to offer you international relocation services as per your needs. But you must ask them the total breakdown of the relocation cost so that you can know as to what services you are being offered.

3) Give yourself some time

International relocation calls for proper planning and setting up the right date so that you don’t have any other pending work at the time of relocation. Just go on with your relocation process after searching for the best packers and movers in town. It is always best to devote quality time to opt for a reliable moving company that can offer safe relocation of your goods. So, don’t miss the boat and hire the efficient staff of the renowned packers and movers to get your stuff safely relocate to your destination

4) Get Ready for Overseas Finance

When you are moving abroad, you should have managed extra funds. You should withdraw enough money as you are going to a foreign country. You should check out with the professionals who can transfer your money abroad so that you won’t have any problem reaching there.

5) Sell the Unwanted stuff

One of the best tips to keep in mind is to transport as little stuff as you can. You will have to give serious thought to sort out the waste things before you start with your shipment. Trimming your extra stuff will help you save a significant amount of money. When you are moving abroad, make sure to bring the half of stuff with you. Sort out the things that are wastage in your house and sell them as soon as possible to avoid an increase in your expense.

Apart from your belongings, your pets can also be extremely pricey when you are going abroad. Once you have selected the waste items, it’s time to sell them off! You can sell your stuff on the websites such as Quikr, eBay, or Olx. But if they are in the worst situation then throw them in the dustbin. Many people search for second-hand products on Olx and Quikr, so you won’t have any problem in disposing of them off.

6) Avoid unnecessary customs duty

Getting your items through customs is a difficult task! But you can take some important measures to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Make sure to take the shortcuts, otherwise, you would have to shell out more money on your overseas relocation. You need to make a detailed inventory of every item you are taking with you to a foreign country. Today are physically inspect or x-ray scans so, don’t try to hide any item in the containers. You should also possess information about the things that are allowed in a particular foreign country. A few countries impose restrictions on several things such as chewing gum, kinder eggs, and ballpoint pens, etc.

7) Plan for your health care

While moving abroad, you should take extra care of your health. Make sure to find out whether your health care provider can cover you for the time you stay abroad. Ask the health care providers about the important immunizations you need before you leave. Plus, you’ll also require finding out whether your prescription medications allow in that country or not. And if they allow in that country they are accessible or not!

8) Buy Flights at the right moment

Buying your flight tickets at the right moment is also extremely important for you. It is advisable to buy your tickets 7 weeks in advance for flights with short-haul and 18 weeks in advance if you are booking the flights with the long haul. Most airlines recommend Sundays to book airline tickets. Make sure to book your flight tickets in advance so that you won’t fall into any kind of problem afterward.

9) Get your Pet Vaccinated

Before you move abroad, make sure to get your pet vaccinated properly. Try to give yourself enough time to stay organized to avoid any kind of stress & any last-minute fees.

Different countries have different rules! In case you fail to manage the paperwork related to your pet, then you will have to leave your pal as he won’t be allowed an entry to your new location. So, just keep in mind that you need to be prepared with the paperwork related to your pet so that whenever you are moving, you were allowing to move with your pal and not without me. Many of you love your pet so much and carry them with you, but never take care of vaccinating your pet.


Moving abroad requires proper management on the part of the movers. And if you don’t manage your move, you will regret it. The above-stated tips will be really helpful to anybody who is looking for moving abroad. If you follow all the tips mentioned above, you will be able to move easily.

Vishal Kumar

Vishal is an expert business analyst. He has written for several online journals. Currently, he is rendering his services to Moving Solutions that are offering services packers and movers services in India.

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