8 Must Visit Places While Traveling To Dubai

In case you need to think about one town on earth that has experienced rapid expansion unlike any other, it’d be Dubai’s Emirate town. It’s a surprise for many that Dubai has been just a small fishing village for a couple of decades past. The sprawling metropolis of today, using its high rises, unique architectural wonders and attractive structures, is among the most glamorous cities in the world, draws millions of people every year. Using its many architectural marvels, huge shopping malls, a mythical shopping festival (the Dubai Shopping Festival), state-of-the-art parks, and deep-rooted tradition and tradition, Dubai has been among the favourite holiday destinations around the world. When there is an infinite number of intriguing things to do in Dubai.

Here is a list of 8 places that everyone must visit during Dubai travel.

1. Research Old Dubai

You’d be eager to take a look at the contemporary buildings and structures of Dubai. But until you do this, you have to take time to research the Old Dubai that has been maintained beautifully. On the Deira side of Dubai Creek is the Al Fahidi neighbourhood, the oldest area in town. Amongst everything else, you’d come across the Bastakiya Quarter are the finest here. Complete with older homes with wooden doors and end towers, and narrow alleys, this area stands out from the skyscrapers in the background.
Additionally, several fascinating museums in the region, the finest being the Dubai Museum, provide you with a glimpse of the Bedouin culture. If you want to find out more about the faith and civilization of the Arabs besides checking out the location, you have to visit Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding (SMCCU). The centre conducts several culture and heritage tours during the week.

2. Shop in the Dubai Souks

Close to the older side of Dubai would be the many traditional foreign exchanges, also referred to as souks. Chief among the Dubai souks is that the gold souk. Consisting over 300 shops selling gold jewellery, the gold souk is an excellent place to purchase gold and other valuable jewellery. There’s something for everybody here, from the largest ring on earth to the many delicate pieces of jewellery. Additionally, the very best benefit of purchasing gold in Dubai or anywhere in UAE is that the cost of gold would be your lowest priced here. Also, you can haggle to find a good deal on the earning fees. Even if you don’t wish to purchase any jewellery here, you must stop by the gold souk only for its ambience. Alongside the gold, the souk is your cologne souk, followed by the spice souk. These are excellent places to purchase traditional souvenirs and presents to take home. You also have to choose an abra ride to stay textile souk on the Bur Dubai side of the Dubai Creek.

3. Have an Abra Ride-on Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is part of the history of Dubai as it’s here that the Emiratis settled once they transferred from the desert into the city. Even though the town has changed a good deal rather in these decades, there’s one thing which still stays the same, i.e. the humble abra. It had been utilized as a way for travelling from 1 side of the Creek into another. Even though you have streets that join either side of the town nowadays, it’s a special experience to journey in the conventional abra, and you have to try. Moreover, with all the ticket cost to get an abra trip being AED1, it’s the least expensive thing to do from town. While sitting at the abra and 19 other passengers, then you’d have the ability to enjoy the gorgeous views of the city. Visit United Airlines First Class and get special tour packages and cheap flight fares to Dubai.

4. Go, Mall Hopping,

Aside from the distinctive souks, Dubai is also home to many of the finest mills in the entire world. While they’re fantastic for shopping, most of the malls in Dubai provide several things that will keep you amused. Among the most well-known malls in town is that the Dubai Mall, and it’s known to be the biggest mall on earth. This mall includes over 1200 retail shops selling everything from local and international brands. The mall also features an indoor aquarium, a multiplex theatre with 21 displays, an ice rink, and a massive food court. Another mall you ought to see in Dubai is that the Mall of Emirates. Among the highlights of the mall is the fact that it homes Ski Dubai, the biggest indoor ski park on the planet. Some other intriguing Dubai malls are City Centre Deira, Ibn Battuta Mall, Festival City Theater, Dragon Mart, Wafi Mall, etc. The best thing about the malls in Dubai is that they provide a lot more than simply shopping. You may spend the entire day at the malls of Dubai without becoming bored.

5. Set-off on a Desert Safari Tour

Even though Dubai is a modern metropolis, the majority of men and women understand it is a town. Years before the Arabs moved into the city, they dwelt in town, and there are nevertheless a few Bedouin villages in town. Since the desert is an essential component of the culture and history of Dubai, it’s crucial to have a look at the location during your vacation. The perfect way to observe that the desert would be to select a desert safari. Depending on your interests and interests, you can pick one of the many desert safari tours available. Even though the day desert safari Dubai is the most typical, you have the gruesome desert safari along with the dawn desert safari.

Additionally, there are several variants to those desert safaris. Throughout summertime safari, you’d have the ability to enjoy adventures such as dune bashing and camel riding, enjoyable activities like belly dancing and Tanoura dancing performances, along with a delicious BBQ dinner. You might even go for a lavish or personal desert safari should you so want to.

6. Stop by the Burj Khalifa

Dubai is home to many of the very record-breaking architectural marvels, and the Burj Khalifa certainly tops the list since it’s the tallest building on the planet. Located beside the Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa using its 163 floorings, is a construction that stands apart from the rest of the tall structures of the town. As you’d have the ability to respect this construction from any place in town, you could even enter the building when you’ve got the entrance tickets. With these tickets, you may go to the museum on the floor that provides you with the narrative of the growth of the construction. However, the highlight of this tour is the trip to the observation deck on the 124th floor or the 148th flooring (the highest observation deck around the earth ). Here, you can find a 360o aerial perspective of the whole city. The ideal time to go to the construction would be just before sunset, even though the cost for the entrance ticket is greatest during the afternoon. But it is possible to reserve your tickets online, beforehand to get good discounts.

7. See the Dubai Fountain Show

If you go to Dubai, you’d realize that virtually every attraction fees you an entrance fee, and with all these things to see and do, your excursion can prove to be an expensive one. However, there’s just one marvellous thing you may watch (multiple occasions ) for free, and that’s that the Dubai Fountain Show. This occurs right beyond the Dubai Mall. The dancing of the fountains using the Burj Khalifa from the backdrop is a marvellous one, and you’d remember it fondly. The choreographed motions of this fountain and the soulful music wouldn’t neglect to bring forth any emotions in each spectator. The dancing fountains, together with the arresting lights, are a sight to behold. The fountain show occurs every half an hour in the evening to 11 during the night. Also, you get a different version every time. Because it’s free of charge, you have to stay to see the series for at least a few occasions.

8. Enjoy Afternoon Tea in Burj Al Arab

The sail-shaped Burj Al Arab is a comfortable construction of Dubai. Furthermore, this resort is regarded as the sole seven-star resort on earth. Endowed with all the greatest luxury, glamour and conveniences, it’s a dream resort for many vacationers. On the flip side, if reserving a room in this resort isn’t a chance for you, the afternoon tea in the Skyview Bar is something that you must encounter. If you like food, then this is something that you want as the day tea provides a seven-course meal full of tasty tea, coffee, champagne, scones, pastries, jams, etc. It’s unquestionably a culinary pleasure, and at precisely the same moment, you would have to see the gorgeous interiors of the resort as well as the stunning view of this Jumeirah from the resort.


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