These 12 Incredible Treks in India Will Make You Want to Plan a Vacation

Trekking In India

Chadar Trek:

Trekkers can walk through the Zanskar river, which freezes in the winter, in Ladakh’s Zanskar region. As the trekkers cross going through this frozen river, it is known as the Zanskar frozen river trip.

The nature of this place attracts trekkers from all over the world, and it is considered the most picturesque place for treks in India, with ravines and gorges along the road.

River rafting adventures are popular during the summer. A magnificent frozen waterfall may also be seen along the walk at Tibb. The best months to go on the Chadar trek are January and February.

Trekking in Roopkund:

Roopkund, in Uttarakhand, is ideal for beginners looking for a picturesque area to hike in India. The route takes you past forests of fir and oak trees, mountain rivers, and mountains.

As one climbs, one may see and take Instagram-worthy photographs of the majestic Mt. Trishul. Roopkund is also known as ‘Mystery Lake’ or ‘Skeleton Lake,’ due to the numerous human skeletons found at the lake’s bottom.

While walking, one may take in panoramic views of other spectacular snow-capped peaks in Uttarakhand, like Chaukambha, Kedarnath, and many others.

The Roopkund trek also leads to the Ali and Bedni Bugyal alpine meadows, which are also breathtaking.

Triund trek:

The Triund walk offers trekkers a spectacular vista of the Kangra valley and the Dhauladhar mountains. Skilled trekkers can continue from Triund top to the Lahesh caves or the Indrahar pass.

The optimum months to trek are March to December, excluding the rainy months of June and July. In January and February, there is a lot of snow.

Valley of Flowers Trek:

The Valley Of Flowers is a world heritage site with many unique animal species such as the snow leopard and blue sheep, to name a few, as well as flora such as calendula, daisies, and lilies, making this walk a floral garden unlike any other.

There is no more beautiful scenic setting than this trip through the Valley of Flowers. On the route, one can stop at Hemkund Sahib, a beautiful and peaceful lake.

The best months to visit the Valley of Flowers are July and August when the monsoon season transforms the area into a magnificent destination for Indian trekking. The flowers have fully grown, providing a colourful backdrop amidst majestic snowy mountains

Trekking in Kedarkantha:

Kedarkantha trek, in Uttarakhand, is a magnificent and gorgeous climb that is a popular winter destination for Indian trekkers. Snowfall is a sight to behold for hikers.

Early snowfall in the winter blankets this region in thick, fresh snow, making it excellent for skiing and making your entire journey exciting and enjoyable.

Summer brings out the trek’s splendour, with lush vegetation all around and a diverse selection of flowers in bloom. On the walk, there are oak and pine trees, as well as the Juda ka Talab Lake with its tranquil water, which is a photographer’s dream.

Trekking in the Markha Valley:

This valley in Ladakh is a popular trekking destination with plenty of vegetation and streams. A wonderful feature of this Himalayan trip is the trail that leads to the gorgeous Hemis National Park, which is rich in Himalayan flora and animals.

The breathtaking vista of the Kang Yissay and Stok Kangri peaks.

The Ladakh and Zanskar ranges are also visible. This is THE destination in India for treks since it is both rewarding and motivating. The Gandala La and Kongmaru La pass, monasteries, and stone constructions are just a few of the sights on this walk that is suitable for people of all ages.

From May through September is the optimum time to hike this trail.

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Trekking in Dzongri:

The Dzongri Trek in Sikkim is a beautiful trekking path that takes you into the deep forest of Kanchendzhonga National Park.

The walk will captivate you with its breathtaking views of Himalayan trees such as maple, chestnut, and oak, as well as verdant meadows and a diverse array of flowers.

One may obtain a 360-degree view of notable mountain peaks including Mt. Simvo, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Kokthang, and many others from the Dzongri La.

The best times to go on this walk are from mid-March to mid-June and from mid-September to mid-November.

Trekking to Nanda Devi:

Nanda Devi, located in Uttarakhand, is India’s second-highest peak and is recognised for its picturesque grandeur, which includes Himalayan peaks, lush green meadows, forests, and passes.

The Nanda Devi National Park, which is adjacent to the hike, is home to a variety of unusual flora and animals, including Snow Leopards and Musk Deer, as well as a variety of birds that may be seen practically anywhere.

Nanda Devi is perfect for trekkers, photographers, and environment enthusiasts seeking for a picturesque spot for treks in India, and it is considered by many to be India’s most beautiful Himalayan peak. Here is also where the peaceful Rishi Ganga river begins.

The months of May and June, as well as September and October, are ideal for this expedition.

Trekking in Goecha La:

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Goecha la hike is a popular tourist destination in Sikkim.

It offers a spectacular view of Kanchenjunga and 14 other peaks from its elevation of 15,100 feet.

In India, the trail to the Goecha la is recognised for being an exciting spot to hike.

With challenging trails that will keep your adrenaline pumping.

Trekkers flock to this trail for a close encounter with Mother Nature and the stunning views of the snow-capped golden mountain.

Between April and June is the finest time to visit Goech la Trek.

Buran Ghati Trek:

The walk leads you down a wonderful path with a kaleidoscope of colours in the scenery.

On a large length of the path, yellow seasonal flowers add a touch of outstanding beauty.

Even experience trekkers will be enthralled by technical challenges such as scaling a 400m vertical ice wall and trekking along the river’s edge.

Bhrigu Lake Trek:

If you think Manali is just a bunch of honeymooners strolling down

the always-bustling Mall Road, you should try the Bhrigu Lake trip.

It’s only 24 kilometres from Manali’s main town, yet the scenery changes so dramatically

that you’ll swear you’re in a different universe.


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