What Not To Do on Social Sites

Ok here’s some news you haven’t heard before : Social sites is the epicenter of almost everyone’s lives today. At any given time 1.038 billion of us are using Social sites! Let’s face of it majority of us won’t consider our day as officially underway unless we have logged onto Social sites and gone over our news feed with a magnifying glass .
There’s no denying it Social sites has a plethora of advantages for its users . It is a way to connect with love one, to get interesting information, have a laugh , learn something new , get your daily news , stalk your a friend/ enemy, share fun memories you secretly admire but outwardly hate and the list goes on.
But as with all things good. People tend abuse and overuse Social sites to the point that it becomes quiet frankly an annoying pain in the a** to everyone on their friends list.

Disclaimer: – This article is meant to amuse , so if you are someone who is easily offended, are looking for a reason , or have no sense of humor . Move on.

Otherwise keep reading because you are going to find out what not to do on Social sites.

1- Dont be an obnoxious relationship flaunter,

For the last time ! no any wants to hear your happy, over the top proclamations of undying love for your partner / husband / boyfriend.

Instead of login into Social sites every time your heart starts over flowing along undeclared love. Do us everybody a favor, shock your snoring love machine from his stupor, and learning him. I assure you, the 500+ people on your friends list will thank you for this small favor.

2- Keep your food in the kitchen where it belongs,

Only you mean to send everyone one your list a food package this Immediate, or invite them everybody over for dinner, or you happen to be a food blogger. No one gives a shit about which you cooked today. So close to put down the camera and let us eat.

imageStill not convinced you have a compulsive obsessive food confusion?

3– The birthday, anniversary , childbirth ranter,

So it’s your boyfriend’s anniversary, children’s birthday, spouse’s anniversary or their kindergarten graduation. That’s just fabulous, so unless your life partner is a soldier deployed in Africa, or your first born is in boarding house school in Alaska you can very well wish them in person.

And only you intend to auction off that birthday cake and all of their/ your gifts, the used gift wrap and all the candles you own and lit just for taking those pics.

imageThere is no need to broadcast them along with an over the top nauseating status update on Social sites , we really don’t care!

4- The accidental supermodel/ selfie queen

Ok here’s are the facts: You are no Kate moss or Gigi Hadid and the paparazzi won’t chase you if you paid them. So quit posting pictures of yourself casually strolling along fully kitted up and act like anyone just happening to snap a few hundred shots of you in monochrome no less and put them up as your profile picture .

Same goes for looking over the shoulder or staring out in the distance accidental on purpose selfies . We are sick of them, surplus, stop fishing for likes and take a life . Or hire a photographer and get over your self obsession once and for everybody.

5- The over zealous parent,

Yes we know your children are the main of your lives as they are for every parents. Let’s just keep it that way. No one but your family and closest, friends and loyal will want to saw and comment or share on endless picture of your little ones in their dresses, awake, rompers, asleep, on their own, holiday props ,your sleeping husband, being forced to pose next to stuffed toys. You take the idea.

6- The compliment inventor ,

So the supermarket, gas station, grocery store clerk could not believe you had not even graduated from first grade and you were the mother of two? Maybe you should stop shopping at stores that:
(A) do not offer vision insurance to the staff the guy has cataracts.
(B) do not mind their staff coming in drunk to job work or
(C) encourage the staff to lie through their teeth in order to take tips .

7- Thy mother is thy life,

We have no doubt that your mother & father is your backbone, your rock , your entire world. We are also 100% sure she would love it if you were to tell her all this in person or over the phone instead of posting it on Social sites Including with grainy , unrecognizable picture from your past.

Happy Mother’s Day indeed.

8– The desperado,

yes you know who you are. The attention craving poster of statuses that range from “I’m so alone” , “my lovely life is over”, “I’m pissed”, “feeling so sick” , ” the best day ever!” and “Las Vegas here I come!”.
The fact is. Yours craftily, narcissistic, sympathy seeking, crafted, envy invoking effort is not rarely glaringly transparent. It is profoundly annoying to the vast majority of every person on your list who have zero interest but will nevertheless be subjected to the rants of a lunatic.

9– The overly devoted, husband,

on the list then come back here. This guy won’t be able to digest his meal unless he brags about it first on Social sites. Thanks a lot dude! As if the half a dozen pictures your wife posted minutes before, to convince us that your home is an underground 5 Michelin star Zagat rated restaurant we would never have known .

10- The rambling ranter,

This person has ranting down to a science, politics, sports , religion , social causes. Whatever the hot topic of the moment you can expect an endless stream of opinionated, obnoxious and awkward witticisms.
With an invitation to engage in a ferocious,often venomous discourse in an attempt to shove their righteous beliefs below all throats.
Hate to break it to you pal , but no one is going to experience an epiphany just by reading your one of your posts.

There you have it people the top 10 things not to do on Social sites. What are some of your Social sites peeves Let me know !


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