Vinyl vs. Fabric Banner Which one should you prefer

Technology has produced varied ways for consumers to interact with different products. One of its prominent examples is online shopping, where even promotion and advertising work on remote modes. But another phase of a coin also exists. As per the recent marketing report, most customers still rely on offline shopping and thus spends an average or more time on store purchases. 

Be it a small shop or a renowned brand, banners advertising is crucial to increase foot traffic in all. However, from custom banners to in-store banners, various types of banners are available in the market with varied materials and designs. Since Vinyl and Fabric dominate the banners market for their stunning features and availability, it is vital to know the difference between both. If you want to make the best banner choice, continue to read this comprehensive guide on the difference between banners made up of heat transfer vinyl and fabric. 

Difference between Vinyl and Fabric banners 

Cost, appearance, transport, durability, and maintenance vary depending on different materials used in the banner making. Thus, it is essential to know what material best suits your needs and can grow your business. Here we have highlighted differences between Vinyl banners and fabric banners. 

Fabric Banners and their uses 

100% polyester fabric is a three-layered polyester material that prevents banners from blemishes and wrinkles. Though this is not waterproof, its minimal light reflection quality and scratch-resistant allow exceptional print quality. Also, if you wish to have vibrant hues on your banners, use fabric that consists of dye sublimation. Washable reusable

Vinyl Banners and their uses 

Using Vinyl sheet rolls in banners makes them surprisingly durable because Vinyl banner making includes vinyl material along with polyester layers. Unlike fabric banners, vinyl banners are waterproof, UV resistant, and long-lasting. If you wish to elevate your banners with an aesthetic design whose graphic will be unaffected and stay colourful, use vinyl in the banner making. Moreover, a large banner can be made using vinyl because its size range from 2’x2’ to 150’x 16’, making it flexible. 

Vinyl Banners Vs. Fabric Banners 

  • Vinyl banners are useful for outdoor events or business purposes that usually interact with rain, sunshine, UV rays, and wind. Whereas, fabric banners are specifically designed for indoor uses. 
  • Vinyl banners come in multiple finishing options such as pole pockets, grommets, and hemming, which enables the creation of multi-purpose banners for their flexibility. 
  • Fabric banners have dye sublimation substances, making them more colourful with vibrant hues. On the other hand, Vinyl banners stay the same in colour and look for years.
  • Vinyl banners have water-resistant quality, while fabric banners lack in them. 
  • Vinyl banners are good for event banners, sporting events, grand openings, sales, and promotion banners. Fabric banners are good for birthday parties, aesthetic events, art galleries, retail, performances, and decorative events. 
  • Vinyl banners are easy to wash or can be cleaned using a wet cloth, but fabric banners require dry-cleaning. 
  • If you prefer appearance over budget, go for fabric banners. But if you would rather look for budget over appearances, go for heat transfer vinyl wholesale banners. 


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