Tips For Planning A Successful Complete Home Remodeling

Winston Churchill believed “Plans are of little importance but planning is essential”. This powerful quote could be your best friend if you are geared up for a complete home remodel.

It would take all of your efforts to achieve the final look you desire and a huge sum of money. But if you begin without planning, you can end up with not-so-satisfactory results after spending a lot more than you expected. 

Check any home remodeling guide and you would see a lot written to emphasize the importance of planning. If you have realized the need for it but don’t know how to start, use these 5 handy tips for planning a whole home renovation.

Get Your Home Inspected And Investigate Legal Requirements

The most important step is to know what needs to be changed. The best approach is to hire a professional house inspector to check your home for every minor and major issue. The final report can help you identify the areas that need the most of your attention. But if you are not up for professional inspection, you can also inspect the house on your own. 

Build a plan. Create a list of wants and needs. And then look for any legal requirements. Check your local building codes and get the required permits at least two months before you proceed with the remodeling.

Set Your Renovation Budget And Keep A Wiggle Room

Know what you can afford. Determine your budget limits and your financing plan well ahead of the renovation work. This step will also make you edit the list of wants and needs made during the initial stage. Because it’s much better to skip that expensive floor plan than to regret it later.

At this phase check the market trends and request free quotes to know the average prices of the market. Don’t forget to keep the wiggle room because no matter how good your plans are, there are some expected surprises down the road.


Search For Reliable Contractors In Your Area

After you know what you need and how you are going to finance it, the next step is to search for reliable contractors. You can either chose to hire a home remodeling contractor who can handle all of the work or delegate the work to sub-contractors and save a few bucks with DIY projects.

When you are searching for professional contractors, the first step is to check their legal compliance. Request quotes from different service providers and shops around for deals that fit your budget. Take a look at the previous works and check the referrals to ensure the professional competence of the contractor. After all, it’s your home we are talking about!

Decide A Timeline And Make Adjustments

It’s time to put together a timeline for your home remodeling project. Meet with the renovation contractors and discuss the possibilities. If you are hoping to have it completed by a specific date, let your contractor know and agree to it. Factor in the time required to clean out the project area, average shipping times of materials, and all of the expected holidays.

Find A Place To Live While Your House Is Being Renovated

The last stage of your planning is to decide whether you will be living in the house during the renovation work or shift to another place. It mostly depends on the nature of the construction work and the availability of space. If it’s your kitchen, you need to set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere. If you have kids, don’t forget to include them in the planning phase.

Set the home renovation plan in place, make copies of it, and do your best to stick to it!


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